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7 Apps that are Changing Customer Loyalty Programs

It’s no surprise that customers want to be rewarded for their loyalty to your business. And loyalty programs not only reward your customers, they enable you to gather game-changing insights about your customers’ purchases and shopping preferences. You can also count on rewards programs to keep your customers coming back every time. But what customers don’t want is dozens of paper punch-cards and plastic rewards cards creating clutter in their wallets and junking up their keychains. Customer mobile loyalty apps are the answer. Here are 7 of the best:


LoyalTap is a mobile loyalty program specifically designed for local business communities. From retail stores to restaurants, the app allows everyone to participate while still showcasing each business. Each merchant can create custom rewards that best fits their business and has access to data to help better serve customers. The app uses iBeacon technology so businesses are aware of every visit and purchase that your customer interacts with your store. Best part about it, unlike all the other apps listed, it requires no technology or hardware integration for the merchants. It’s up and running in minutes.


LoyalBlocks is a useful customer-loyalty tool for any street-side business that relies on recurring foot traffic. It offers an automatic and tailored check-in experience for customers. Businesses set up their profile online and customize incentives for their customers, whether it be a free sandwich or a 30% discount  for their 10th visit. This customer loyalty app is easy to customize to align with your brand and automatically alerts customers when they walk in your store using LoyalBlocks base-station technology. The app also includes an easy-to-navigate dashboard where you can find analytics for each of your customers to further improve satisfaction and loyalty in the long run.


Shopkick is also a location-based app. It detects when shoppers are in or near stores and offers rewards that are targeted and specifically tailored based on past interactions. Shopkick got started in 2009 and has been put to use by big retailers like Macy’s, Best Buy and Target and with top brands like P&G, Kraft and L’Oreal. The app works by showcasing products in familiar stores nearby and then rewarding users who visits stores and engage with those featured products.  The rewards (“shopkicks”) can be traded in for giftcards to popular stores like Target and Starbucks.


Unlike LoyalBlocks and ShopKick, Perka rewards sales, not visits. This allows you to reward your best, paying customers and give new ones a reason to buy and come back. The app allows you to choose from either a points- or punch- based system and chose the rewards and loyalty levels to best suite customers. This app works off a device called the Perka Beacon that recognizes when loyal customers enter your store. Perka will display the customers name and status so you can greet them and offer special treatment if they are repeat customer. Also tied heavily to First Data, it requires you to use them as your processor.

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The rapidly growing Belly loyalty program offers customized rewards to customers as well as client analytics. Customers scan their smartphones or physical rewards cards at iPad-enabled registers during checkout to earn points at your business. Enough points earn customers rewards. The iPad is provided by Belly and the system requires a monthly subscription fee. The benefit of this system is that customers don’t have to have a smartphone to participate and businesses have access to detailed analytics. For small or medium sized companies, Belly can be great for keeping customers engaged and excited if you can swing the financial commitment.


LevelUp combines insights and analytics from payments and customer loyalty tools. Customers download a free app on their smartphones or can get a physical LevelUp card.  Users can link their favorite card and then tap to pay with NFC or scan the QR code on their phone to checkout. LevelUp offers a number of full-scale POS systems and a low fixed rate for processing. Loyalty campaign options allow you to bring in new customers with one-time sales and reward frequent customers with tailored rewards when they spend a certain amount. LevelUp also gives businesses rebates for every new customer and rewards employees for getting new users.


Swipely also combines payment and loyalty to help businesses see what is driving repeat business. The cloud-based platform allows you to see which products are selling, which staff members are bringing in the most revenue and which marketing efforts are worth your investment. Swipely doesn’t require any new equipment and there is no download required. Customers simply sign up by text-message to earn cash-back rewards whenever they use their credit or debit cards at your business. It’s an easy and low-cost way to make better business decisions to keep your customers coming back.

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