B2B Technology Marketing

You know that marketing in the technology sector isn’t easy.

The tech industry is tough to explain – literally. Whether you’re in hardware or software, you’re adept at solving problems and implementing solutions that fix even the most complex technical needs. You’re great at what you do – but you have a hard time explaining exactly what that is to your customers. All too often, the benefits of your company are lost in the shuffle of tech jargon.

That’s because your products and services are technical, which makes marketing hard. Even if you’ve spent time and money on marketing campaigns, you may be frustrated with the lackluster results you’ve generated so far. It’s like you’re speaking in a language that nobody else seems to understand.

There’s a better way.

At New North, we’re experienced with translating your technical know-how into marketing language that your customers will actually connect with.

We work to deeply understand your business and your customers’ needs, and then we work with you to develop campaigns that transform your expertise into real results.

Industries Served

Managed IT Services

We help managed service providers get leads and grow.

AV Integrators

We help AV integrators rise above the noise to reach the right audience.

IT Consultants

We help IT consulting firms grow with marketing that works.

B2B SaaS Software

We help B2B SaaS firms build their user bases and bottom lines.

Custom Software Developers

We help software developers with proven agile marketing.

Software VARs

We help software VARs to reach the next levels of growth/

PCB & Components

We help manufacturers to reach niche markets and grow.

IOT Technologies

We provide IOT firms with intelligent marketing to drive results.

Hardware VARs

We help hardware VARs to find ideal clients and build their businesses.