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Excellent creative is the oxygen to successful marketing, and it’s realized through the marriage of copy and design. Your passion is the copy.

You tell jokes to yourself based on bad ads. You critique advertising to whoever is with you. And puns… well, good puns are rare, and most are just lazy.

You’ve been creating marketing content for 4+ years, and you’re feeling the itch to do bigger things – to make a bigger difference with your work.

You love being a part of a team, and you’re a natural at helping those around you achieve the vision.

Clients desire to have you create their content because, frankly, you ‘get it’.

We are looking for someone to blow the doors off our copywriting work.

We’ve been building an effective marketing firm for over 13 years, and now we need to “level up” our copywriting. We are working with brands in the B2B tech space across the nation, as we become a household name in the space. We want you along for the ride.

We offer competitive compensation, benefits, etc., but we know you want more.

If this sounds like you, we should chat.


  • developing great messaging that provokes action and response,
  • turning highly technical topics (networking, cybersecurity, AI, etc.) into engaging, digestible collateral,
  • developing both long and short-form content that engages readers,
  • proving to unbelievers that the creative side of marketing isn’t “fluff”, it leads to demonstrable results,
  • working alongside designers (or even designing yourself) to create digital assets that prospects can’t ignore,
  • and working with organizations to determine their persona, messaging strategy, and overall messaging approach,

… then this is the position for you! You are the go-to resource for all things messaging and content development–everything from USP workshops to creating irresistible whitepapers that help drive leads for our customers.

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  • You received a BA/BS in something like English, Communications, Marketing, Advertising, Liberal Arts, etc.
  • You have worked for 4+ years in a marketing communications role (marketing copywriter, content strategist, or similar content role), ideally in a B2B or technology context.
  • You have a solid portfolio of content that demonstrates your experience.
  • You can tie your work back to campaigns that generate bottom-line results.
  • You have created copy for several different segments of the technology industry (hardware, SaaS, consulting, etc.)
  • You have worked with several organizations through messaging workshops, branding exercises, or SEO strategies.


9 am – Arrive at the office in beautiful downtown Frederick, grab a cup of freshly roasted coffee, and have a laugh or two with the team.

10 am – Have our daily all-hands meeting with the team. Great work is accomplished through collaboration.

11 am – You pitch a few new messaging concepts to a new client (which they loved). Afterward, you and the team bounce additional ideas off each other, and you can’t wait to get started.

12 pm – Lunch outside on our porch where you get to know others on the team a bit more.

1 pm – You sit with the Paid Specialist and write a few new text ad variations. You leave confident that they will really engage with the client’s audience and can’t wait to see the results.

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2 pm – You jump on a call with a client to talk through a few questions about a whitepaper that you are working on. You walk through an outline you had put together previously to guide the conversation and gain a more technical understanding of the topic.

3 pm – You sit down to write the content for the homepage of a new website we are building. You come up with a brilliant one-liner to pull visitors in.

4 pm – The whole team comes together, and we have our weekly team meeting. We talk big picture, review client feedback, and work through a few issues that popped up throughout the week.

5:30 pm – You wrap up some loose ends on an article you were working on and head home after what seemed like a fast and productive day.

But every day is not the same. Other days include writing newsletters, big pitches, or deep thinking and brainstorming. Your day is all about driving the quality of our creative product to a new level.


    • A $70,000 to $90,000 salary. The more experience you have, the closer you will be to the upper-end.
    • Health, Dental, and Vision.
    • Flexible schedules that account for being a human being.
    • Cool creative office space located in downtown Frederick MD.
    • A team that is on a mission and loves to work.
    • A chance to be part of something big.

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