Marketing Strategist

You have been playing strategic roles in the marketing world for several years now, but you are looking for a role where you can really make a difference.

You want to find a role that strikes a balance between strategizing for the big picture and getting your hands dirty. You love vision-casting, but you also want out on the field.

Not only that, but you want to work with people who are passionate about what they do. Honestly, you want to work with people who are better than you so you can grow.

Clients love working with you because, frankly, you ‘get it’.

We have been building our agency for over 13 years, and we need to add to our team as we continue to grow. You’ll be working directly with CEOs, CMOs, and VPs at growth-minded B2B tech firms to blow the top off their marketing (in a good way).

We offer competitive compensation, benefits, etc, but we know you want more.

If this sounds like you, we should meet. Stop working for the weekend, and work with a team of passionate marketers all pushing the envelope of B2B marketing.


  • Developing marketing strategies for clients that drive real, measurable results.

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  • Engaging with clients and delivering your expertise with confidence, expertly managing expectations.

  • Guiding teams through the successful execution of projects and marketing initiatives.

  • Building strong relationships with clients as you learn more about their business.

  • Working with your team to manage the execution of your set deliverables.

  • Getting your hands dirty and executing a portion of the work you planned out.

… then this is the position for you! You are the go-to resource for all things related to clients – how their business works, what their priorities are, and what our strategy is for getting there.


  • You received a BA/BS in something like Business, Marketing, Communications, Advertising, etc.

  • You have worked for 5+ years in a strategic marketing role – ideally, in a B2B or technology.

  • You have many examples of successful marketing campaigns, and you can tie your work back to the bottom-line results it generated.

  • You have worked with several different segments of the technology industry (hardware, SaaS, consulting, etc.)

  • You have experience in a variety of marketing channels that may include content creation, email, MarTech, etc. (but you probably have a favorite channel or two)


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9 am – Arrive at the office in beautiful downtown Frederick, grab a cup of freshly roasted coffee, and have a laugh or two with the team.

10 am – Have our daily all-hands meeting with the team and answer a few questions that the production team had. Great work is accomplished through collaboration.

11 am – You pitch a few new strategic initiatives to a new client (which they loved). Afterward, you and the team bounce additional ideas off each other, and you can’t wait to get started.

12 pm – Lunch outside on our porch where you get to know others on the team a bit more.

1 pm – You sit with the SEM specialist to convey your vision for an upcoming campaign. You leave confident that they will really engage with the client’s audience and can’t wait to see the results.

1:30 pm – You jump on a call with a client to talk through a whitepaper the team is working on. You review the types of results we expect to drive with it and detail how it will be leveraged.

2 pm – With a strong background in {{}} you roll your sleeves up and dive into some production work.

3 pm – You sit down to document an ABM strategy we will be building in the coming weeks. You were able to leverage a new software that you found out about last month and can’t wait to see how the campaign performs.

4 pm – The whole team comes together, and we have our weekly meeting. We talk big picture, review client feedback, and work through a few issues that popped up throughout the week.

5:30 pm – You wrap up some loose ends and review a few times that were sent over for you to take a look at and head home after what seemed like a fast and productive day.

But every day is not the same. Other days include more client meetings, putting together reports on our work, or deep thinking and brainstorming. Your day is all about driving results for your clients.


  • A $80,000 to $100,000 salary. The more experience you have, the closer you will be to the upper-end.

  • Health, Dental, and Vision.

  • Flexible schedules that account for being a human being.

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  • An annual profit-sharing plan.

  • Cool creative office space located in downtown Frederick MD.

  • A team that is on a mission and loves to work.

  • A chance to be part of something big.

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