Case Study Langner

Account-Based Marketing To Penetrate a Growing Software Market









Using account-based marketing practices to penetrate a rigid and slow to move industry for brand awareness and conversation.

In trying to expand into the North American market, German software maker Langner, INC chose to work with New North on a targeted Account-Based marketing campaign to increase the number of conversations with key decision-makers in the OT asset management space.  Langner faced many challenges in entering the US market, including a target customer that is slow to change considering their 5B+ revenue floor, companies of this size making strategic software purchases can encounter a 2-4 year buying process.

Additionally, the OT security and management space is full of investor capital and aggressive competitors that shovel dollars into marketing that makes it harder for smaller companies to get noticed, even with superior products.


The approach to the campaign contained three phases. The first phase was the creation of account-based automation campaigns using Hubspot, which allowed New North to create and monitor the traffic funnel from the proceeding content campaign. Using Hubspot’s Target Account feature, Lead scoring, and automation, New North was able to augment a non-typical ABM software into a reporting repository for the campaign performance. New North architected created campaign that addressed two personas with various email campaigns with content conversions that highlighted a critical conversation in the buying decision for the software.

The second phase was the launch of the cold email campaign as well as a targeted display campaign to the same companies in the targeted email campaign. With bi-weekly data reviews and optimization, the campaign was optimized through the length of the first wave of the campaign.

Lastly, the third phase represented a larger list purchase and push with the optimized cold email campaigns and targeted ads to the newly acquired list.


The challenges of the market produced unique insights and buyer behavior on the site that lead to some interesting developments and insights

  • The development of a “Request a Demo” conversion increased the post-trial conversations by 300%
  • Reached over 400 key decision-makers, engaged in a long-form nurture series after the cold campaign
  • Increased the contact conversion rate by 85% in launching the content conversions


increase in post-trial conversations


key decision-makers reached


increase in contact conversion rate

Tools Used