Case Study LoyalTap LLC

Custom Hand Video Brings New Traffic To Site


LoyalTap LLC






Retail Marketers

Using a video to explain the concept of their product, this video increased traffic and demand for the product.

The Problem

As a burgeoning leader in loyalty applications, LoyalTap needed video content that could communicate the benefits of their cutting-edge technology in terms that would be accessible to potential adopters. They needed to distill the benefits of community mobile loyalty into two minutes of beautiful video for display on their homepage. That's where New North came in.

The Solution

New North worked with LoyalTap to script, film, and produce a video that could accurately convey the benefit of the company's technology. The result was a creative piece that featured the hands of users navigating through the app, structured in a simple narrative format. The video was convey the unique selling propositions of the new technology quickly, in a way that resonated with viewers. It has been viewed nearly two-thousand times.

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