Case Study Immersion Active

Cutting Edge Design For Leading Consulting Firm


Immersion Active







Leading marketing agency needed a new Website to gain more traffic and focus product offerings, as well as update their brand.

The Problem

Immersion Active helps national brands to reach and speak to Baby Boomer and senior audiences. However, their own site had reached retirement age. It wasn't accurately communicating their updated service offerings or engaging their users. As a result of their outdated site, they were losing prospective customers and experiencing a high bounce rate.

The Solution

New North focused the web design efforts on communicating Immersion Active's new service offerings. With clearly conveyed benefit statements on the homepage and a fresh look that pulled users in, the company was able to engage users who had previously been bouncing due to outdated offerings. New North also focused on integrating Hubspot apps into the site, allowing Immersion to utilize the power of marketing automation to engage their users. The new site was able to increase pages visited and decrease bounce rate, helping Immersion Active to continue on the path to growth.

Campaign Results


Bounce Rate


Hubspot Apps Integrated


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