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Fiber Optic Manufacturer Improves Brand Presence


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A fiber optic equipment manufacturer’s growth was being hindered by an outdated brand.

FIBERONE had developed a solid customer base thanks to their quality fiber optic products and consultative support. But the company wanted to reach the next level of growth, and that meant reaching new customers. They needed to generate awareness and communicate value in a market filled with commodity products and low prices; many fiber optic products are manufactured abroad at low costs, but those products also tend to perform less reliably.

To effectively communicate a modern and distinctive presence, the company needed to revamp its brand, including visual components, key value propositions, and messaging content.


Messaging updates

We worked with FIBERONE to clarify messaging points. This involved guided messaging workshops with FIBERONE’s leadership team and interviews with the company’s clients to uncover outside perspectives.

The work revealed a major value proposition: FIBERONE products are never returned.

Commodity manufacturers frequently ship products that need to be returned due to quality issues. Sometimes, technicians simply order parts that don’t fit their application.

Thanks to FIBERONE’s consultative approach and quality manufacturing process, clients never need to return orders. This is a major benefit in the market that was not being emphasized in existing materials.

Visual updates

In tandem with message clarification, we also worked to visually rebrand FIBERONE. The company had traditionally used a busy logo, with a mark denoting fiber cables and muted colors.

To align the visual identity of the brand with the new messaging components, we guided the implementation of updated colors, a simplified logo, and modernized typography.

The result is sleek branding that communicates technical expertise and innovative value.


The refreshed FIBERONE brand has allowed the company to more effectively engage the market.

The brand formed the central content and messaging for an account-based marketing (ABM) campaign.

Results from the campaign included:

Over 4K brand impressions on the website, ~1.7K new contact engagements, and 8 sales conversations (a notable increase on previous months).


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