Case Study Swift Systems, Inc.

Increased Conversion With Landing Page Optimzation


Swift Systems, Inc.







A leading local IT service firm was driving traffic, but needed to increase conversion rates on their site.

The Problem

As a leading local IT service firm, Swift Systems, Inc. realized that their website could do a better job of engaging the traffic they were driving to it. Viewers tended to bounce at high rates from the site, and the traffic to conversion rates were lower than Swift wanted. They knew that conversion optimization could provide big dividends in terms of turning their visitors into contacts - and then into leads and sales.

The Solution

New North worked with Swift Systems to optimize their website for increased conversion rates. The first step in the process was to improve the user experience using a minor aesthetic redesign. From there, New North worked to launch location-specific landing pages for Swift's offices, ensuring that visitors who found those pages would be provided with relevant information based on their geographic location. The campaign also included a series of A/B tests on high-impact conversion points, including contact pages. These optimizations succeeded in increasing session durations and pages per session.

Campaign Results


Session Duration


Increase in Pages per Session


Minor Update