Case Study Swift Systems

Increased Lead Generation Through Remarketing


Swift Systems


IT Consulting





IT firm needed to increase traffic and overall quality of leads to the business in a very crowded marketplace.

The Problem

Swift Systems, Inc. wanted to generate an influx of qualified leads to continue supporting the growth of the IT firm. While they knew that pay-per-click search and display ads could help, they needed help crafting a strategy that would maximize the potential of this channel, getting their ads in front of the most relevant audience and generating the highest amount of conversions. That's where New North came in.

The Solution

New North worked with Swift to create a campaign that would maximize the value of pay-per-click ads. The campaign was comprised of three main parts: a remarketing campaign to capture previous website visitors, a search ad campaign focused around Swift's service areas, and a custom landing page crafted to translate incoming traffic into conversions. New North designed the materials for each of these components and worked to optimize each, according to ongoing analysis of results. Together, these components resulted in over 60,000 impressions over a period of three months, with a .21% conversion rate.

Campaign Results






Click-Through Rate