Case Study Schonstedt Instrument Co.

Lead Scoring Bring Benefit to Sales Department


Schonstedt Instrument Co.







A dealer-focused manufacturing company needed a way to sift through leads keep priority on those that drive business.

The Problem

Schonstedt is an industry leader in magnetic location. Their expertise in their product was respected across the industry, but they weren't getting the results they wanted from search engine traffic - and the leads that were coming through often weren't qualified. They needed a marketing approach that would generate new leads from search engine traffic and qualify them using lead scoring. With multiple buyers in the buying process, filtering through the leads with intelligence was key.

The Solution

With the implementation of marketing automation software, and a strong lead conversion effort, New North was able to transform the site into an intelligent marketing tool for lead capture. Using a campaign that continued for an entire year, New North performed multiple SEO campaigns that raised the rankings of the site around targeted, high-visiblity keywords. The result was increased organic traffic. Using marketing automation, New North was also able to take the higher levels of traffic and implement a lead scoring system. The result was a “hot lead” score that indicated contacts who were very likely to purchase - making life much easier for the company's sales team.

Campaign Results


"Hot Leads"


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