Case Study Swift Systems, Inc.

Local SEO Makes all the Difference


Swift Systems, Inc.






IT Professionals

Swift Systems is a leading IT service provider in the Maryland area. While they had a functioning website and were seeing decent traffic to it, they weren't seeing the organic search traffic they wanted.

The Problem

Swift Systems knew that they needed to rank higher in the keywords that were relevant to their customers and their business. That's where New North came in.

The Solution

New North worked with Swift Systems to create and implement an SEO strategy that would boost their ranking for relevant keywords and drive an increase in organic traffic. This involved research to determine the most relevant keywords for targeting, creating a keyword sitemap, and implementing optimization strategies. Additionally, New North created additional content in the form of blog posts and pages to target long tail keywords. The results were 103 first page keyword rankings, 74 of which were overall #1 rankings, and a 12.2% increase in visibility.

Campaign Results


1st Page Rankings


Visibilty Increase


#1 SERP Rankings