Case Study Real Player

Retention Campaign Helps SAAS Software Retain Users


Real Player







As a digital media leader evolved, reducing churn rate in a SAAS model became a top priority.

The Problem

Real Player has long been a leading service provider of online media. As the brand continued evolving its service offerings, it introduced a SAAS model to provide users with easy access to its cutting-edge features. However, the SAAS offering was experiencing a higher churn rate than Real Player had hoped, thanks to a lack of user engagement after signup. Reducing that churn rate would be crucial to driving the growth of the SAAS product. That's where New North came in.

The Solution

New North worked with Real Player to create an email engagement campaign driven by marketing automation. The campaign was comprised of 35 customer connection points, designed to encourage user engagement after the initial subscription signup using a series of automated emails based on user action. The campaign projected a 13% retention lift.

Campaign Results


Proj. Retention Lift


Stage Retention Campaign


Customer Connection Points