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Ammerman Experience






Media Professionals

Industry expert needed to reach an national audience and demonstrate the power of social media to their clients.

The Problem

The Ammerman Experience is a leading media training firm specializing in the spoken word. While they had industry expertise, they were having trouble using it to reach audiences on digital platforms. Twitter, specifically, was a channel that was untapped. Despite the fact that the platform was conducive to the media training industry, based on its fast pace and news-focused content, Ammerman had never entered into tit to engage with the relevant audiences there. That's where New North came in.

The Solution

New North worked with The Ammerman Experience to develop a social media marketing strategy that translated the firm's expertise seamlessly onto the platform. Within six weeks, New North was able to organically grow a base of over 100 followers, with a daily reach of over four thousand. Content was managed to keep up with the platform's quick pace, and service offerings were incorporated that drove traffic to Ammerman's website from social, as well. The result was a platform that strengthened the firm's position as an industry thought leader, while turning the Twitter follower base into contacts of real value.

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