Email marketing for HR consultants

5 Email Marketing Tips for HR Consultants

The human resource consulting business has blossomed over the past decade. The industry has emerged from strictly management consulting to addressing human resource management tasks and decisions. Usually, an HR consultant can fill any one of two different roles – an expert resource consultant, or a process/people consultant.

HR consultants, just like a company, need to market themselves and compete against other HR consultants for work. Many times, a consultant will reach out to prospective clients via email, just as they would their normal clients. Some, however, make the mistake of thinking emails are an informal way to communicate with clients. Keep in mind, your emails are a visual representation of you and your business. If you send an email with grammatical or factual mistakes, it not only makes you and your company look bad, it’s there until your client deletes it.

Before hitting send on that next message, here are five tips to help you with email marketing for HR consultants.

1. Make it scannable

Your clients are busy people. They have meetings and other work to do, so taking a long time to read over your email is not something they’re going to have lots of time to do. On top of that, they probably get a lot of email. Instead of one long block, break up your content into short paragraphs. Include subheadings and images to guide clients through your email and make it easier to scan.

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2. Edit your email

Even editors need editors. Your emails contain meaningful content, and sloppy ones reflect poorly on you and your company. Grammar and style are just as important for email as they are for websites and blogs.

3. No one wants to be spammed

A lot of innocent people are unaware when they send spam, simply because they don’t know better. Read up on the CAN-SPAM act to avoid any trouble. Put simply, you’re allowed to send bulk email only to people who specifically asked to be on your mailing list. If you collected email addresses for a lunch giveaway or an event invitation, then you don’t have permission to send marketing emails unless you made that clear at signup. Include an obvious unsubscribe link in every email, and don’t forget to remind subscribers how they got on your list in the first place.

4. Be friendly

Feel free to use a casual tone in your emails. Since most emails come directly from one person, people expect human voices in their inboxes. There’s a good chance your clients are already in an informal frame of mind when they’re checking their email, so an overly formal or stodgy voice might seem out of place. Plus, they’ve given you their email address, so you’re already on a first-name basis. If you collect first names on your signup form, you can dynamically include them in your email greetings.

5. Only send email if you have something to say

This one seems obvious, but too many companies start emails with no plan and nothing to say. Email is simply a way to publish content – the content itself has to come first. Before starting an email, make sure it’s a sustainable commitment that will help you achieve your business goals. Otherwise, you’ll be wasting your clients’ time and your own time. Ask yourself: What’s the goal for this kind of communication? What do I have to say? How will I measure success?

Meet the Experts in Email Marketing for HR Consultants

Sometimes you’re just too busy to take care of those emails. Or, and it’s OK to admit, you need some help when it comes to writing emails to clients – the ones you have and the ones you want. New North has you covered.

We know you need to use email marketing effectively to grow your business. Clients expect email, they respond to email, and it’s your biggest opportunity for engagement.

We help you by developing email marketing campaigns that connect with your customers. Through multivariate testing and list segmentation techniques, your email marketing campaigns become stronger with each send, engaging more clients with your content.

Contact us today to set up a no-hassle consultation to discuss all of your needs.

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