What Makes a Good Architect Website?

9 out of 10 architect websites are bad. They are bad because they focus on one thing: the portfolio – and maybe only half of those actually do a good job with it. The rest do nothing but present a company’s work horribly. Worse, they also do nothing to move viewers to becoming customers.

It’s 2016, and today’s world holds this harsh truth: if your architect website is not converting viewers into contacts and helping to build your sales funnel, then you may as well shut down your site.

Keys to Designing the Best Architect Websites

  1. Have a great portfolio. What do we mean by this? Photos, lots of them – and really good ones. Ideally, your photos are as big as you can make them and as vivid as possible. Your viewer needs to experience your work, not just see a small photo of it. Videos could be great here as well. And the finished product is as important as renderings.
  2. Have a “Contact Us” form. Obviously you have this, but you probably have a bland form with no real indication of how your process works. You are too close to the industry to realize that some of your clients might not know how to begin working with you, or may not know when the right time to contact you might be. Which leads us to..
  3. “How to Work With Us” page. This is a page that explains the most important part of all: how your customer will interact and purchase your services. Leave the mystique. I’m sure in your schooling, your pride was pumped up so much that you think it’s an honor to work with your firm. We’ll, I’ve got some tough news… It’s not. Competition is growing, and you’re lucky to have the clients you do have. Show them how easy and safe it is to work with you.
  4. Offer something for free. This is hard sometimes, but the real idea here is this: “what content can we give away to entice someone in the early stages of shopping for an architect to move forward?” Could it be a cost savings guide? Hottest trends in your area? Find something you can put on your site as a free “guide”, and have it available for download in exchange for an email address. This way, you can build your email list and contact database very simply.
  5. Testimonials. It goes without saying, but having a strong presence of references in quotes or video testimonials could be a great way to establish trust in those final stages with a prospect.

You Can Have a Great Architect Website

You may not have all of the items you’ve seen listed here, but the great thing is that most of you are not too far off from having a great architect website. Simply look to add on the offers and items listed here, and then you can dive into more aggressive online marketing for architects to help grow your firm.

If you need help setting up a great architect website, feel free to contact us. If you need help taking your marketing to the next level with inbound marketing for lead generation, we should talk very soon!

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