Greasers vs Soc – Salesman Archetypes [Part 1]

In this series we take a look at the different character types we’ve experienced working with the sales functions in many B2B businesses. Each type has their own strengths and challenges that can be leveraged with the right understanding.

“The Greaser” – Salesman Archetype

These guys are cool. Not because they have Palmade by the pint, but because they understand that the fastest road to a sale is by removing friction in the sales process. I like to call them “greasers” because they know how to move things forward where other salesmen have hit walls or personality differences in the sales process. How do they do it? Here are some telltale signs of a greaser…

  • They are immediately your prospect’s best friend
  • Everything the client asks is “no problem”
  • “Because the client wants it” is their catch phrase at the sales meeting
  • The are more concerned with being liked than with making the deal

There is a lot of honor and tact to the greaser, and for good reason. Greasers are typically good salesmen. The problem that arises from time to time is that the relationship is predicated on a “bending over backwards” approach to client service that is not always sustainable in the long run.

Where you might find some challenges with the greaser is in their inability to hold ground, or to create conflict with a client or prospect. This can be coached, but mostly needs to be managed as a part of their personality.

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The Soc – Salesman Archetype

These people are professional. They win deals on the crispness of their suit, years in business, and high manner they carry to the table. They could be selling 50M dollar equipment or La-Z-Boys. You’d never know because of the executive dress, clean shave, and great manners. They are the professional salesmen, and you’d do well to acknowledge this fact.

  • They would never dream of working without a suit on. They might sleep in a suit.
  • They look similar each time you see them, and that’s not an accident; the look is perfected.
  • There is expensive jewelry in the mix some how.
  • They are typically big on presence and make fantastic eye contact
  • When they say no, just about everyone agrees with them without reason
  • They typically are very trustworthy and have high standards for others

The challenge at times with the soc is their tendency toward intimidation and lack of humility. In some cases, the professional look can work against them and seem like a falsified personality. These guys are betrayed by poor portrayal on TV – they’re too much like those ‘slick’ sales guys you love to hate. So, overall the trust factor and humility are the biggest needs for salesmen in this position.

How a Greaser Can Win With Marketing Help

So, how does marketing automation, or sales enablement marketing, help the greaser do better?

There are three ways that marketing can help the greaser win more deals.

They create a reality to the sales environment that prevents the greaser from being too flexible. With sales sheets and drip emails that allow a consistent message to be shared to all prospects, good marketing prevents too much customization or bending of the rules to get the deal.

Marketing also can define the window of opportunity. It can focus on what you want to do, and not what you will do. Greasers can sometimes find any way to make the deal happen, and your strong marketing program will help keep those requests inside the boundaries of your real service offering.

Lastly, it provides detail into all the services, even the tougher details that can sometimes be friction points in a deal. This allows the service to be the friction point, not the salesman, which allows for creative solutions and discussion.

How a Soc Can Win With Marketing Help

Like the greaser, the soc can do better in their deals in a few ways with marketing. The biggest advantage is going to be the transparency and personality that the marketing materials allow them to portray.

You can share about company values and trust. This is critical when the conversation becomes too transactional. Your company needs to be known as a company full of real humans. Having a marketing support system, (i.e. email marketing, webpages, etc) helps bring a human element to the table for socs who would otherwise favor the transactional mindset. This assures you’re being sold as a partner, not a tactician.

Brand beats brawn. Your brand, as you’ve established it, is being transferred through your sales team in the very first (and arguably most important) touch points in the client relationship. Marketing is the ambassador of brand and allowing your brand to accompany your sales team means that you get consistency and the ability to project your brand promise into the sales conversation.

Marketing makes everyone feel important. The added value of a complete marketing package is that a prospect feels as polished and important as the soc salesman. With a welcome packet, email, and social media outreach program, the prospect becomes the most important person in the room and allows the soc to do what he or she does well: be professional.

Keep Your Marketing Golden, Ponyboy.

No matter what type of salesman you are, having the right marketing in your corner can help you win more deals, and define the right aspects of your relationship from the beginning. And, let’s not forget that marketing can do most of your heavy lifting in nurturing your customer.

If you’re ready for sales enablement marketing, let’s talk. It’s time to take your sales game to the next level.

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