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Communicate your technology's value. Reach decision-makers. Grow your firm.

We Know the Challenges That Are Standing in Your Way.

Because we’ve solved them.

  • Our offering is effective, but we need to generate market awareness.
  • We need to drive leads from sources other than referrals.
  • Our message is complicated. We need to communicate our value.
  • We need to enter a new market in order to sustain growth.
  • I need marketing materials that support our sales efforts.
  • I want to understand more about our target audience.

Get cutting-edge marketing that grows your business.

For more than a decade, we’ve been helping businesses like yours reach their growth goals – from effectively entering new markets to getting successfully acquired. Our approach works.

Case Study
Start-Up Gains 35 #1 Listings in Google

LoyalTap was a software startup seeking to reach a national audience. They knew that to take their business to a national audience, they needed to appear in searches on a national level. Their site was designed to convert traffic into leads - they just needed to fill the top of the funnel with relevant search traffic. That's where New North came in.

New North worked with LoyalTap to design an SEO campaign focused on earning rankings for nationally relevant loyalty search terms. The campaign involved on-page optimization, keyword research, and a targeted blogging strategy to hit long-tail keywords. Together, these components earned LoyalTap 15 first-place rankings, and helped to drive 53% of the site's total traffic. 80% of the site's leads were generated from organic search.

We’ve Optimized the Marketing Decision-Making Process.

The digital landscape is changing fast. Markets and technologies are constantly emerging and shifting. Determining the right opportunities to pursue is harder than ever.

Success requires considered decision-making - but also rapid thinking and execution.

We’ve found that one of the biggest challenges in growth marketing is balancing short-term opportunities with long-term strategy. Over-focus on the short term leads to haphazard campaigns that lack strategy. Over-focus on the long term leads to missed opportunities.

Our decision-making approach bridges the gap so you can grow past it. And we wrote a book about it so you can learn it for yourself.