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PR Strategies to Increase Website Traffic

For any manufacturing company with a digital footprint, increasing website traffic is a goal on the to do list. The more visitors come to your website, the more opportunities you have to convert visitors into contacts, and then hopefully into customers.

Unfortunately, everybody uses the same old tired strategies to increase traffic: SEO, clustering, paid media, etc. That’s not to say that they don’t work. But sometimes it’s good to switch it up a bit. Have you ever considered using PR marketing for manufacturing to boost your website traffic?

Here are three public relations strategies to boost your website traffic.


Podcasts are all the rage these days. As of February 2018, there were over 28 million podcast episodes. For that many episodes there have to be people listening to them, right? Over 60 million homes in the US are fans of podcasts. That’s a lot of people. No matter your industry, there’s most likely a podcast for it.

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For the manufacturing industry? There’s shows like Making Chips, Advanced Manufacturing, The Manufacturing Connection, and more. Each podcast presents you with an opportunity for PR marketing for manufacturing.

There are several ways you can get on a podcast. You can, of course, pay. Most podcasts allow for sponsors and will give you a backlink, pre-roll, and maybe post-roll spot. The price depends on the size of the podcasts audience.

You can also try to earn a spot on a podcast. Does your company have a story to tell? Expertise to offer? A community outreach program to showcase? If so, you could have a good shot at getting on a podcast.

A podcast spot boosts your traffic by giving you a backlink from the podcast owners website. Depending on their traffic, this could significantly increase the amount of referral traffic you receive. Most podcast owners will also link to you on social media, giving you more traffic, and will list out your website in a pre- or post-roll ad.

Press Releases

What’s happened in your company lately? Do you have a story to tell? A new program, product, or news?

When it comes to PR marketing for manufacturing, a press release is often your first line of defense. They’re a relatively low-effort way to create a news document that can be disseminated to media sources. You can use free press release distribution sites to send out your document. Just make sure that you’re not just relating company news- your press release should be relevant to a wide audience.

For example, if your company is expanding, look for a deeper story than just an expansion. Is your founder using the expansion as a new opportunity to give back to his childhood neighborhood? Or is there a significant benefit to the community through your expansion? Are you able to increase the amount of job opportunities for those around you?

No matter what the news is, your press release should matter to someone outside the company.

A press release is hit or miss when it comes to boosting traffic. If several news outlets pick it up, you could have referral traffic coming from all over. However, if it isn’t well-written or relevant to an audience outside yourself, then it probably won’t get much traction.

Earned Media Spots

Earned media is a broad category that can boost your website traffic in several different ways. Earned media includes news stories, radio spots, TV stations, and more. Essentially, earned media is publicity gained through the merit of a good story, rather than paying for advertising.

Think of earned media as a viral social post and paid media as a promoted social advertisement. Paid media gets the word out but takes more effort (money) to reach a broader audience. Earned media is low effort on your part for a broad reach- however, it’s more difficult to get.

Look at your company through the lens of an outsider. What’s interesting about your company? Of course, this varies based on who your outsider is, so know who your earned media audience is before you start crafting your pitch.

For example, if we’re talking PR marketing for manufacturing and your audience is an association, they might be more interested in a ground-breaking new product your company created than your local TV station.

Speaking Engagements

Are you someone who dreads public speaking? If so, you might be saddened to hear that speaking engagements are a great way to boost website traffic.

When it comes to PR for manufacturing, take advantage of industry trade shows and associations. They provide you with a captivated audience for your expertise in your industry and often host large events or conferences that come with plenty of speaking opportunities. Don’t be afraid to market yourself as a speaker- however, if you don’t have too much experience, you might want to start small before you attempt to gain a speaking spot at a large trade show.

That being said, trade shows market their speakers pretty heavily, especially if you have a strong reputation in your industry. Associations will post you (and your website link!) to their website, social profiles, newsletters, flyers, and much more. At the event itself you can recommend attendees go to your website for more information and hand out brochures with your website on it.

Use a PR Team

When it comes to PR for manufacturing, New North has experience with podcasts, press releases, webinars, and events to increase your website traffic outside of the world of SEO. Most companies struggle with crafting an attention-getting story and find themselves with press releases that don’t get much traffic or pitches that don’t receive a response.

New North can help you increase your conversion rate when it comes to pitching yourself for speaking engagements, podcasts, and more.

Find out more information about how you can benefit from public relations here.

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