Ride the Tornado

How to Constantly Improve Your Marketing in the Midst of Rapid Change

Have you felt overwhelmed as you try to market your products and services in the face of rapid change? You’re not alone.

Many business leaders are stuck in a struggle against the storm of ever-shifting markets and tactics without a clear path forward. Ride the Tornado offers a perspective shift to help you take advantage of change instead of caving into it, using a proven system to bring you razor-sharp focus: the RTX© decision-making framework.

This breakthrough book by Tobin Lehman will teach you that system. Along the way, you will reshape your perception of change and transform your marketing decision-making, allowing you to achieve better results more efficiently than ever before.

“This is the best book I’ve ever read. We should leave books to this guy.”

Darren Hardy

About the Author

Tobin Lehman is the founder of New North, an award-winning digital marketing agency dedicated to helping technology firms grow. Over two decades of working with brands like Southern States, Pfizer, NV Homes, WLR Companies, Kimberly Clark, and a host of others, Tobin’s earned an industry reputation for “taking the mystery out of marketing” with clear strategies that earn real results.

What’s Inside Ride the Tornado

Too many companies change too slowly. You need to move quickly – but with intention.

One of the biggest challenges in growth marketing is balancing short-term opportunities with long-term strategy. Over-focus on the short term leads to haphazard campaigns that lack strategy. Over-focus on the long term leads to missed opportunities.

The RTX© decision-making framework bridges the gap so you can grow past it. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • What change really means and how it affects people and companies
  • The three stages of RTX: Assessment, Ideation, and Execution
  • How to keep short-term strategies aligned with long-term goals
  • How to implement RTX to get rapid results that build over time

You’ll finish this book with a clear understanding of how to bring this groundbreaking framework into your marketing processes to drive constant growth.