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The Basics of Search Engine Optimization Strategy for AV Integrators

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be a daunting thing to work on–at first. That term is displayed widely in marketing arenas. When a marketing term has an acronym like SEO, you know things are serious. But it’s a crucial part of marketing for AV integrators.

Despite the overwhelming feelings at first, push deeper into SEO. Once you get far into the integration of optimizing your AV Integration site for better viewing across web channels, you will be thankful. Search Engine Optimization on the web is crucial for the success of an online presence for AV Integrators.

Keeping the large benefits that come at the end of the SEO process in mind, the method of getting your site to a high ranking online is not an easy one. It will take conscious thought and effort on your part. You will need an understanding of what SEO does for your website in order to fully comprehend and move forward into the implementation phase.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed? This article was written for you–to explain all of the nuisances within the search engine optimization process for AV integrators.

Ready to learn? Let’s get started.

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Choose Your Keywords Methodically

Keywords are one of the most crucial aspects of getting your website out in front of your client base with the best ranking. Make sure you take thoughtful considerations to the specific keywords that you choose to highlight in your content.

Search engines use the keywords associated with your site to show the information people are searching for. So, when you’re in this phase of keyword creation, put yourself in your client’s shoes. What would they type into a search engine when looking for an AV integrator? Those keywords might look something like “Video Sign Solutions in Frederick, MD”, or “Conference Call Technology”.

You want to make sure that the keywords you put into your content are specialized to your industry, expertise, values, location, and the other important aspects of your business.

WARNING: Beware of keyword stuffing. This is the process of simply stuffing your site with keyword after keyword. You want your content to be helpful and engaging for your clients, not repetitive and annoying. If that isn’t a good enough reason, here’s another; Google will actually punish your SEO rankings if you keyword stuff.

Location Matters

For the most part, you need to specify the area your services are located in order to maximize your SEO and online presence. This gives you a bit of a leg up when it comes to search engine optimization. Working with location keywords helps increase your page rank at a quick pace. It also will help you get ahead of the competition. Many searches are localized, for example, “AV Integrators in Frederick, Maryland”. Make sure you are taking advantage of these keywords in blog posts so that you can increase your SEO ranking even more.

It is important to point out that keywords can be too specific or too limited. Make sure that you are doing some specialized targeting such as; “Large Building Video Replacement Cable”. However, what comes hand-in-hand with that is also being found for more generic searches such as simply; “Audio Replacement Cables”. There is a balance to be found that–when achieved, will bring your site to the top of searches.

Want help finding that balance? Schedule a free marketing consult with us today to discuss the best SEO strategies for your AV Integrator business.

Social Media & Blogs

The quality of both social media posts and blog posts is very important. From a business and SEO standpoint, a clear social media presence is extremely valuable and sought after. Social media is one of the most powerful and dynamic marketing tools, especially in today’s age with everything online and mobile.

In order to best take advantage of this online world, having a social media base is critical. You want your AV Integration business to come across not only with expertise in the field but also with the willingness to share that expertise with those interested, in order to build a more knowledgeable community.

Blogs are also a very valuable content creation tool to take advantage of when aiming to increase your search engine optimization ranking. Blogging increases your SEO results, and, consequently, drives traffic.

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Clearly communicated content throughout your website is essential in order to capture your audience and provide them with the information they need. Blogs are a huge part of this. When you’re writing blog articles, you have the opportunity to highlight specific strengths within your business, share stories, and give expertise and advice.

Both social media channels and blog posts are an extremely worthwhile way to show your client base who you are, and to build your SEO ranking as well. Take advantage of them!


Backlinks are widely valued in the search engine optimization ranking of your AV integration site. The definition of a backlink is simply a link on a webpage that links to any other page. The valuable nature of backlinks within SEO lies both on your website, and other websites linking to certain pages on your site.

Although the concept and features of backlinking are not all that confusing, many businesses fail at this simple task–and it costs them. Don’t make the mistake of staying in your website bubble. Get out there! Reach out to sites to be a guest-blogger, post your blog links on multiple pages, retweet links on Twitter, be an active and influential LinkedIn presence. You won’t regret it.

Don’t Tackle It Alone

Obtaining a high SEO ranking can skyrocket your business leads. But search engine optimization for AV Integrators can hit some tricky obstacles along the way.

Make sure you have a partner who can guide you through the process. Here at New North, we chart the best path toward growth, crafting your messaging and distributing it via carefully selected channels.

We generate qualified leads, continually working to optimize our results as your company continues to grow.

We can help you develop localized, well-researched keywords, engaging social media and blog posts, and positive backlinks. Let New North help you reach the top.

Contact us today for a marketing consult.

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