Top 3 Tips For HR Consulting Firm Websites

HR consulting firms are in a unique position when it comes to crafting their online presence. On one hand, HR consultants have a breadth of expertise that can lead to great website content. On the other hand, long-winded efforts towards communicating that expertise can often sideline efforts at website optimization, as viewers find themselves lost in a sea of self-aggrandizing company jargon.

What’s the balance – and what really matters for designing the best HR consulting firm website? Let’s take a look.

Website Tip 1: Focus on your HR firm’s USP.

Sure, this may seem like an obvious statement from week one of Business 101, but there’s a reason the business world emphasizes a clear USP so emphatically. A well-thought out and clearly communicated selling proposition will help you to stand out from your competition, and give potential clients a reason to choose your HR consulting firm over other firms. Your website viewers want to know, immediately: what makes your firm the right choice for them?

So, what does this look like in the context of a HR consulting firm’s website? Well, there are a few website areas that are key to conveying your USP.

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  • Your HR consulting firm website tagline – Your tagline is your positioning statement, usually displayed in a prominent place on your homepage. This statement needs to be concise, and it needs to clearly show website visitors who you serve and how you serve them. Don’t make the mistake of being self-centered – if possible, keep this statement client-focused.
  • Your team page – A well-developed team page can be a huge encouragement to potential clients who are viewing your site. HR consulting is, after all, a service business. That means that your firm’s people are your product. Showcase them with high-quality head shots and well-developed bios. Potential clients will appreciate knowing who you are – and they’ll be more likely to work with you.
  • Your website testimonials – Testimonials from your real clients go a long way towards establishing trust. If you communicate your USP in your tagline and then your clients reiterate it in a testimonial, the result is a powerful reinforcement of your brand. If at all possible, include these on your HR consulting firm’s website in a prominent way.

Website Tip 2: Develop a Great SEO strategy

In many cases, HR consulting firm websites do a great job of displaying their work and communicating their expertise, but totally forget about the whole purpose of engineering firm websites, which is to be found online. After all, no matter how well you communicate your USP, if nobody comes to your site, it’s all for naught. Skipping the SEO strategy for your website is missing a huge ROI for your entire marketing effort.

Every site should start with an overview of how the SEO process will take place. What kind of approach will you take on search traffic? How much are you getting now? How much is available for you to try to capture? What keywords are most relevant to your customers? Take time to do this and give it as much importance as anything else on the site.

Website Tip 3: Focus on Lead Generation

Finally, your HR consulting firm website should focus on turning that traffic from SEO into contacts. Communicating your USP is the first step. The next step is capitalizing on your value proposition by capturing viewer contact information.

A “Contact Us” option is a great button for the navigation, but it’s a very deep engagement for a potential customer to commit to. Rather than focusing your entire site on one call-to-action, use a varied approach to your lead generation strategy and setup varying levels of calls-to-action. This can range from a newsletter signup, to a content offer, to a free consultation. Packaging your calls-to-action will help the user see what options they have and bring some context to the “contact us” button, which is intimidating at best.

Each of these tactics can help you build a great HR consulting firm website. If you need help building HR consulting firm websites, please contact us at New North to help you plan and build your website right the first time. Get more traffic, better presence, and more leads from your site than ever before.

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