Use ZoomInfo Data to Get More Leads

As a ZoomInfo partner, we can help you access reliable contact data and create great marketing.

Do you struggle with these issues?

  • “Our ABM campaign had great messaging, but our list was bad.”
  • “We need to fill our sales pipeline with qualified prospects.”
  • “We need to evaluate the market for our offering.”
  • “We have a defined target – now we need to find and reach them.”
  • “We’ve been relying on outdated lists for too long.”
  • "Our domain was blacklisted because of a high bounce rate."

The Lead Generation Equation

Good Data + Great Marketing = Success

Use ZoomInfo to power up your contact data and drive better results.

Too often, marketing campaigns and sales efforts fall flat because they’re based on unsound data.

ZoomInfo eliminates that problem with an industry-leading database of contact information for virtually any business, anywhere.

We use it to reach contacts with messages that will get real results.

ZoomInfo’s data is:

  • Based on 38M daily-scanned online sources
  • Verified by a team of 300+ human researchers
  • Supplemented by a vast network of voluntary contributors
  • Fully GDPR-compliant

You can access it at a cost-efficient price point by working with New North.