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3 Facebook Posts that Light Up Engagement Metrics

Jacob Brain


Everyone longs for those posts that can light up engagement metrics and increase your followers’ click-through rate with a few magic words on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

While there isn’t exactly a real magic bullet for this, time and time again we’ve seen these three types of posts performing really well on social media.

Behind the Scenes

Many corporate companies keep their Facebook and LinkedIn Marketing pages very professional, with polished images and text that have been passed through the legal and PR departments. Once in a while, though, a candid, honest, or even unprofessional photo can boost your engagement. That’s because it’s unexpected. It’s especially engaging if it’s something new or different that that provides value and insight into your company. The magic mixture of transparency and excellence is a wonderful approach to social media that can engage the public.


Most companies lack access to the latest celebrities. But celebrity doesn’t have to mean a national or international celebrity.  For your purposes, a celebrity can be a local, state-wide, company, or cultural hero of the industry. The double whammy on this type of post is that you get an increased reach through engagement from celebrity followers, while also engaging your own followers who may have been dormant waiting for something that really piqued their interest. But make sure it’s a real celebrity. Your mayor may be a nice guy, but he may not spike your engagement. Maybe a local musician could be the answer,  or even an artist or TV personality.

Free Resource

This might seem like a no-brainer – of course giving something away will increase engagement, right? But many people do this wrong, as they try to give away their free e-book every other post and it just doesn’t get traction.  What’s the difference between that free item and a free resource that would drive engagement? Try to use a free resource that has universal appeal. Choose something that your potential customer may need on a daily basis – maybe even something that’s not totally related to your industry. We’ve heard of AV supply companies giving away PowerPoint slide templates. This is somewhat related to AV supply, but it’s relevant because it’s a powerful resource in the hands of their buyers that do lots of presentations.  In most cases, a good bit of thinking in a room with a few colleagues can drum up a few ideas. Generate a high value give-away that would mean a lot to your customers.

In the end, these three types of social media posts can really boost your engagement when you need a quick bit of flair or some insight. As a social media marketing company in Frederick, Maryland, we’ve seen these work. Use them sparingly, use them wisely, and use them well.

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