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7 Benefits of SEO for Engineering Firms

Jacob Brain


Picture two restaurants. One is busy, bustling and full of customers. The other one offers the exact same quality of food and atmosphere but has maybe one patron inside. These restaurants represent your website. Guess which one uses search engine optimization?

Search Engine Optimization. More commonly known as SEO, this has a huge number of benefits for engineering firms. Engineers live in a world of jargon and technical value—both of which can be hard to communicate clearly to clients. SEO for engineering can help simplify the value that you can offer your clients by using keywords or phrases that a client may type into a search engine to bring up your website.

Let’s start from the top. SEO is the process of optimizing your website to rank higher on Google. The higher you rank, the more exposure you get, and the more your business grows. The best way to get those high rankings is to create content, most likely via blogs that focus on the keywords or phrases your audience is searching for. An excellent SEO strategy simplifies the technical value of engineering firms by distilling your services down into just what your audience needs.

There are plenty of benefits to SEO for engineering firms – in fact, it’s an essential part of marketing for any engineering firm. Let’s take a look at just some of the benefits below.

Maximize Your ROI

SEO for engineering firms has a huge return on investment. The majority of people turn to Google when they’re looking for a product or service, and very few of them ever click past the first page. If your engineering firm is not ranking on the first page, then you’re missing out on a LOT of business.

Once you reach that first page spot, you’ll discover a huge return on what it took to get you there. It takes time and a little bit of money (although SEO is pretty cost-effective), but what you get back is worth the effort in spades.

Increase Audience Visibility

Again, the first search engine results page receives 91% of all traffic, leaving only 9% for the remaining pages. Once you gain that coveted spot on the first page, your visibility will increase tenfold. Suddenly you’re reaching 91% of your audience instead of the 9% you were stuck with before.

Increased visibility means more potential leads, more website traffic, and more return on the majority of your previous marketing efforts.

Target the Audience You Need

SEO for engineering firms is all about getting inside the head of the audience that you want to reach. Once you truly understand what your target audience needs, what their biggest pain points are, and what solutions work for them, you’ll be able to pull some keywords that they would type into a search engine to find solutions for their specific problems. Now it’s your job to craft content around those words to rank the highest for keywords that you’re target audience is searching.

Grow Brand Credibility

The brands on the foremost pages of Google are typically regarded as more credible than the businesses who rank lower down. With SEO for engineering firms, you can increase your credibility along with your ranking. Think about it. The highest ranking businesses usually have more reviews and more active social media accounts.

For example, imagine the restaurants we discussed earlier. If you had to choose one to go into, would you pick the restaurant full of people or would you sit alone? The majority of diners will go to restaurant number one. More activity is generally regarded as a sign of quality.

SEO will help your engineering firm become the bustling restaurant.

Reel In Quality Traffic

SEO for engineering firms brings in a captive audience. The people that you’re now reaching were searching for the keyword or phrase that you already offer. They’re already interested in your products or services. Before a high SEO ranking —or an SEO ranking at all— you were stuck with traffic that may or may not have been right for you. Now you can get higher quality leads from traffic that is already looking for what you provide.

Maintain Your Competitive Edge

In business, you want to make sure that you’re keeping up with your competitors. If your competitors have high SEO rankings, you should too. Otherwise they’re reaping plenty of benefits that you don’t have access to. To keep up with your competitors, you want to be where they are. And that includes online. SEO for engineering firms will help you keep a higher ranking than your competitors.

Increase Website Exposure

Let’s go back to this idea of one busy restaurant and one quiet one. How did the full one get so full? Think of your website as the restaurant. A website that invests in SEO is the one that’s on the perfect corner, with great outside dining and easy access. People find it easily and when they think of going out to eat, it’s the first place that comes to mind.

Without this added visibility and intrigue, your website will wind up the quiet restaurant, tucked away somewhere far from the crowds.

With a great SEO strategy, a high search engine ranking can pull leads directly into your website.

Work with a Marketing Company that Knows SEO

Scratch that. Work with a marketing company that knows SEO and engineering firms. After all, SEO is all about knowing your audience. A marketing company that doesn’t know the engineering industry has a snowball’s chance in hell of understanding an engineering firm’s audience.

SEO for engineering firms has so many benefits beyond what is just listed here. New North knows what it takes to grow your engineering firm with SEO. At the end of the day, engineering firms are built to offer technical value and expertise – not to market themselves. With New North we can communicate your expertise, target the audiences that you need, and establish your firm as an expert in the industry. Just take a look at what we’ve done for other engineering firms like you.

If SEO for engineering firms sounds good to you, contact New North today to get started. Let us turn your website and your business into a bustling place of activity, not a quiet one.

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