Best Customer Retention Posts of 2013

In this time of reflection as the new year gets off to a fresh start, we like to look back over some of the articles and post we’ve made in the past year and highlight the ones that were read the most often, and shared throughout the Web. This collection of articles is a great primer in itself to customer retention.

The One Hundred Dollar Loyalty Program

Looking for a simple way to get into the loyalty game? A punch card program is the ticket for you, and in this post we explain how you can setup this program for less than $100 dollars.

Importance of New Customer Orientation in E-commerce

Very few do it, and even fewer do it well. Orientation of your customer is a critical campaign to bring your customer to their full potential.

Creating a Predictive Churn Model : Part 3

The third and final post in the predictive churn model series of articles. This post pulls the data together to talk about lift, drop, and using a tool to inform your practices.

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3 Strategies to Stop Customer Churn Now

Your customers are dropping at increasing rates and you don’t know what to do. In this post, we review three tactics to stop the bleeding of customer churn while you find the source of your churn

Creating a Loyalty Program

Want to start a loyalty program? Starting with the right foundation and understanding of the goals is critical to your success. In this post, we look at three core concepts of loyalty programs and how to start with the right goals in mind.

Here is to a great 2014!


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