Boost Growth With Our Retention Profit Calculator

How much is a poor retention rate costing your company in revenue? Use this simple wizard to find out. Once you’ve seen the cost of poor customer retention, you can find out how New North can help you increase your retention rates and recover your lost revenue.

Retention Cost Calculator

Current Missed Earnings:

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A New North retention campaign on average can raise your retention rate 10%-20%, putting this back into your profits:

New North Regained Revenue:


Do you want that money?

Are you ready to put that revenue back into the business and be the hero at your next department meeting? Then let’s start a conversation. New North is a leader in retention and loyalty campaigns and we can help you make the most of your customer retention effort.

Call us at 240.575.5887, or email [email protected] for a real conversation about your retention needs, not a fast-pitched sales talk.

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