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Data Does Not Solve Retention Problems

Jacob Brain


Successful marketers understand the difference between data and direction.

As experts in customer retention, our inbox is filled with SAAS solutions for business, promising the “silver bullet” of customer retention. The problem is that many are simply data tools. They organize, track and present your data in many different ways but they don’t provide insight and direction. If you’re looking for a solution, insight and direction from your data are what you really need.

Insight is not a subscription-based tool you can buy.

Insight comes from years of experience and proven methods. Experience shows how a solution develops, and how you can really win at customer retention. It comes from a methodology to customer retention that focuses on the customer, results, and the long view of growing revenue.  Insight helps you move the needle, by creating direction on the activities in your retention marketing efforts. Data can help you know what happened. Direction from insight tells you what to do next.

We all need tools to help track our customer retention activities, and many of these tools do great things. But they don’t drive innovation, they inform from the past. For innovation and growth you need insight to action. That can only be provided by the swift hand of experienced marketers in customer retention. So you need to look beyond the data towards action and creating clear paths to success with a winning team of retention experts.

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