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Don’t Hire a Marketing Manager

Jacob Brain


You’re overwhelmed as the CEO of a growing business. You’ve done the marketing for your company for the past few years and now you’ve got to get some help. Before putting that posting on monster.com and hiring a marketing manager there are a few things to consider before adding that weight to your payroll.

The First Hire is Never the Right Fit

You may be excellent at hiring, and that would put you in the top tier in your profession. Yet many of your peers have not had such the luck and have made many regretful hires in their history. You will likely put together a job description, and hire based on what you think you need, and find out you can’t afford what you really need half way into the process. This puts you into a tricky situation of hiring lower in skill, or taking a huge gamble on a higher paid employee who may or may not work out. It’s a sleepless night for many CEOs as they debate this choice, but there is a better way as you’ll soon find out.

Mile Wide, Inch Deep

So most people in that situation decide they’ll hire a generalist. Someone who can help you with everything, even things outside of marketing. He or she has a little less experience, a little lower cost, but who cares. You’re the CEO, you’ll train them to where you want them to go right?

Problem: You’ve just hired a generalist who has no idea how to actually get results. They just know that you’re the task master and everything will come back to you and the results will be left at the door, in place of activity.

This is one of the biggest mistakes we see in hiring, hiring management ability when you need production expertise. A generalist can help you organize, but can they deliver results? In our experience, the positions don’t “work out” not because of the person, but the expectations put on them after they get settled in and the results don’t happen. You end up with a nicely organized, yet unproductive marketing department.

We know how you feel. You just need someone – now – to help you manage and get your life back, but these snap hires just don’t cut it. So what is a CEO to do?

Solution: None of The Risk, Half the Cost, Twice the Results

Your challenge is that you’ve not found the right solution. As a growing company you need to bring on team members that can add to the bottom line and create real wins for your marketing. Bringing a rookie in is not the best solution for your first marketing hire. You need to hire an inbound marketing agency, like ours, New North.

  1. None of the risk: No sick days, no learning curves, no benefit costs. Employees are tough to manage and deal with. Wouldn’t you rather have an always on marketing agency that can help you without the politics and management? 100% professional, without any of the people drama.
  2. Half the Cost: Your first time out, you’ll be hiring a marketing manager at 40-60K. You could run a marketing campaign with our company at 30-40K that would generate you dozens of leads each week, creating results for your company. Simply said, why fill a seat when you can fill your pipeline?
  3. Twice the results: You’re not hiring a spring chicken. We’ve been doing this for years and have a depth to our expertise that truly delivers results. Our on-boarding is faster than most employee programs and we hit the ground running without spending too long at the water cooler. We’re a results focused marketing agency.

A New Way of Growing Business

We are so happy that businesses like yours are growing. We believe in small business and what it takes personally to build something great. That is why we do what we do.

If you are interested in hearing more about our process or how hiring an New North could help you, let’s talk. Call our office, or signup for our first step marketing review. But whatever you do, don’t hire a marketing manager.

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