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Discussing the Difficulties of Being a Content Marketing Team of One

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Episode Summary

In this episode of Tech Qualified, host Justin Brown welcomes Meredith Metsker, Senior Content Marketing Manager at uConnect. They delve into the challenges and strategies of content marketing in a small team environment. Meredith shares her experiences in creating effective content strategies that balance both execution and strategic planning.

Meredith emphasizes the importance of agility and autonomy in small teams. She discusses how these qualities enable quick adaptation to changing market trends and audience needs. The conversation also touches on the significance of understanding the audience to create relevant and engaging content.

The episode concludes with insights into the future of content marketing. Meredith provides valuable tips for solo content marketers, stressing the need for a balance between hands-on content creation and overarching strategy development. This discussion offers a comprehensive look into the dynamic world of content marketing from an expert’s perspective.

Meredith Metsker

Senior Content Marketing Manager

Noteworthy: Extensive experience in crafting effective content strategies for small teams, emphasizing agility and audience relevance.


Key Insights

Agility in Small Teams 

Meredith discusses the significance of agility in small content marketing teams. She highlights how smaller teams can quickly adapt to changing market trends and audience needs. This adaptability is crucial in creating timely and relevant content, providing a competitive edge in the dynamic content marketing landscape.

Understanding the Audience 

A key insight from Meredith is the importance of deeply understanding the audience. She elaborates on the need for content marketers to tailor their strategies to audience preferences and behaviors. This approach ensures the creation of engaging and impactful content that resonates with the target audience.

Balance Between Execution and Strategy 

Meredith emphasizes the need for a balance between hands-on content creation and strategic planning. She explains that while it’s essential to be involved in the execution, having a clear, overarching strategy is vital for long-term success in content marketing. This insight is particularly relevant for solo content marketers who juggle multiple roles.

Episode Highlights

The Appeal of Small Teams

Meredith discusses her preference for working in small content marketing teams, emphasizing their ability to move quickly without red tape and enjoy autonomy and ownership over projects. She values the speed and decision-making power this setup provides, contrasting it with larger teams where approvals and processes can slow things down.

“I think, for me, what keeps me coming back to these small teams is the ability to move quickly. Like I have no patience. I just want to move fast. Like I don’t want to go through a bunch of red tape to get things done.”

Adapting the Content Strategy 

Meredith elaborates on adapting content strategy in real-time within small teams. She highlights the ease of implementing changes and the benefits of direct feedback on content performance. This flexibility allows for continuous refinement of strategy based on actual outcomes and audience engagement.

“[…] I wanted to move faster. And so I think working on a smaller team, again, it allows that. That autonomy allows it speed. And if you’re in a scenario like mine right now, like where I work now, I have a lot of trust with my boss in terms of the quality of my work that I know what I’m doing.

And so she will give feedback when necessary, when I ask for it. But there’s also a lot of projects where I feel confident enough to take them from beginning to end without a lot of, you know, additional layers of approval or anything like that.”

Balancing Personal and Professional Content

Meredith speaks about the challenges of maintaining a balance between personal and professional content, especially on platforms like LinkedIn. She discusses her approach to not making the audience feel like just a number, aiming to genuinely help them while sharing insights about her strategies at uConnect.

“I never want to make our audience, many of whom I’m connected with on LinkedIn, feel like they’re just a number or they’re just someone we’re trying to sell to. We genuinely want to help them.”

Handling Isolation in Small Teams

Meredith addresses the feeling of isolation often experienced in small marketing teams. She shares her strategies for staying connected, like active involvement on LinkedIn, regular one-on-one conversations with other marketers, and participating in content marketing squads. These activities help her feel connected to a larger community and validate her strategies.

“Externally, I do a couple of different things to just kind of battle the isolation. And one is being really active on LinkedIn […] So I’m looking at conversations; I’m commenting. I’m trying to, like, be a part of the greater conversation around marketing so I can stay up to date on what’s new in content marketing, what other people are doing, kind of compare and contrast what I’m doing to what I’m seeing other people talk about.”

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