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How Small B2B Teams Are Leveraging Paid Media

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Episode Summary

In this episode of Tech Qualified, Justin Brown and Meredith Metsker host Nick Lafferty, a seasoned growth marketing consultant and founder of the Early Exit Club. Nick discusses the crucial role of paid marketing strategies for B2B organizations, emphasizing the rapid feedback and optimization opportunities it provides. He details how paid marketing efforts can be a valuable tool for small teams looking to test ideas quickly with minimal initial investment.

Nick explains how to align marketing strategies with business objectives and select the most effective channels, such as Google Ads and LinkedIn. He stresses the importance of matching these channels to the company’s stage of development and budget, guiding businesses through the initial steps of creating a paid media program from scratch.

The conversation also covers common challenges and pitfalls in paid marketing, such as inadequate budget allocation and the complexities of channel prioritization. Nick shares insights on when companies should consider investing in paid channels and how to measure the success of these investments, providing practical advice for companies at various growth stages.

Nick Lafferty



Key Insights

Importance of Choosing the Right Marketing Channel

Nick emphasizes the necessity of selecting appropriate channels for paid advertising, tailored to the company’s specific stage and goals. He suggests that new ventures or those with limited budgets should focus on channels that allow for quick feedback and adjustment, such as Google Ads or LinkedIn. This approach enables businesses to test their strategies with a small investment, providing rapid insights into what works, thereby optimizing their marketing efforts more efficiently.

Strategic Use of Paid Marketing to Complement Organic Efforts

Nick highlights the strategic integration of paid marketing to amplify organic content. By leveraging strong SEO content and repurposing it into paid ads, businesses can target difficult keywords and bottom-funnel opportunities more effectively. This tactic not only increases the visibility and reach of existing content but also enhances lead generation and conversion rates, making the marketing spend more effective.

Challenges in Scaling Paid Marketing Programs

Discussing the common pitfalls in scaling paid marketing, Nick points out that companies often face challenges like budget misallocation and targeting too broad an audience. He advises businesses to start with tightly focused campaigns and scale cautiously. Understanding the specific needs and behaviors of their target audience allows companies to allocate their budgets more wisely, avoiding the traps of overspending on ineffective channels or audience segments.

Episode Highlights

The Role of Paid Advertising in Rapid Testing and Feedback

Nick Lafferty discusses the importance of paid advertising as a quick feedback mechanism for businesses. He emphasizes how paid channels like Google Ads or LinkedIn allow companies to conduct rapid tests with minimal investment, which is crucial for small teams with limited resources. This process helps in quickly determining what marketing strategies work effectively.

“I think probably the number one answer I would give to that is: The speed at which paid gives you feedback so you can iterate and optimize from there.”

Challenges of Paid Marketing for Small Teams

Nick and Justin discuss the challenges small marketing teams face, particularly the fear of committing budget to paid efforts due to past failures. Justin explains why companies often hesitate to invest in paid. 

“They’re terrified to put budget to paid efforts because maybe they tried that, tried it at one point, it didn’t turn into anything that they felt was a value and they’re nervous to invest.”

Incremental Approach to Marketing Investments

Nick advises on the importance of adopting an incremental approach when investing in paid ads. He describes how businesses should scale their ad spend gradually to ensure efficient use of resources and better alignment with growth objectives.

“I would probably advise a couple of thousand and then start to ramp up over a period of weeks or months on Google.”

The Integration of Paid and Organic Strategies

Nick highlights the synergy between paid and organic marketing efforts. He points out how leveraging strong organic content can significantly enhance the effectiveness of paid campaigns, thereby creating a more holistic marketing approach.

“So I take their great organic content that they put out on LinkedIn organically, Instagram organically, and a few other places. I put it on LinkedIn ads and just put a few dollars behind it and just put some wind in the sails.”

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