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How to Build a Marketing Engine through Content with Joe Michalowski

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Episode Summary

​​In this episode of Tech Qualified, hosts Justin Brown and Meredith Metsker welcome Joe Michalowski from New North. They dive into the evolving landscape of B2B marketing, discussing the critical shift from in-house roles to agency settings. Joe shares his unique perspective on adapting strategies for client success in a competitive digital environment.

Joe emphasizes the importance of leveraging content to address customer pain points. He outlines effective methods for creating content that resonates with target audiences, highlighting the need for authenticity and value-driven messaging. The discussion also explores how small marketing teams can punch above their weight through strategic planning and execution.

The conversation wraps up with insights on measuring marketing success. Joe stresses the significance of aligning marketing metrics with business goals to truly gauge the impact of campaigns. This episode offers valuable advice for marketers looking to refine their approach and drive growth in the B2B sector.

Joe Michalowski

Head of Client Services

Noteworthy: Joe Michalowski is a seasoned marketer with a dynamic career path spanning both agency and in-house roles, underscored by a strong focus on content marketing.


Key Insights

Embracing Storytelling: Joe Michalowski’s Approach to B2B Marketing

Joe emphasizes the significance of storytelling in B2B marketing, particularly the impact of leveraging personal and company narratives to engage audiences. By prioritizing authentic stories over traditional marketing pitches, Joe illustrates how businesses can more effectively resonate with their target markets. This approach not only differentiates companies in crowded markets but also fosters deeper connections with customers, ultimately driving loyalty and sales.

Joe Michalowski on Strategic Content: Beyond SEO and Social Media

Joe Michalowski shares his insights on creating strategic content that serves dual purposes: satisfying SEO requirements and enriching social media engagement. He advocates for a nuanced understanding of content’s role, focusing on producing material that addresses customer pain points while simultaneously boosting online visibility. Joe’s strategy involves a holistic view of content marketing, where every piece of content is a step towards building a comprehensive brand narrative that captivates and converts.

Navigating SaaS Marketing: Joe Michalowski’s Expertise

In a discussion about the unique challenges of marketing within the SaaS (Software as a Service) sector, Joe Michalowski offers valuable advice on navigating this dynamic landscape. He highlights the importance of understanding the specific needs and pain points of the SaaS audience, emphasizing the role of targeted content in engaging this group. Joe’s experience underscores the necessity of adaptability and strategic planning in SaaS marketing, where customer education and trust are paramount.

Episode Highlights

Personal Connection in Content Strategy

Joe Michalowski talks about the significance of personal connection and relatability in content strategy, using a compelling story about a Managed Service Provider (MSP) client to illustrate his point. He emphasizes how differentiation in marketing doesn’t always stem from groundbreaking product features but often from how services are delivered and the relationship built with clients. This approach, he argues, makes marketing crucial in industries where differentiation is subtle but impactful.

“I was talking to another MSP, a client we were working with and we were trying to get to this point. […] And so, they told us the story. It was like: We had this client for 15 years. And when she called in with a problem, she talked to the same exact person, […] Sam. […] It was a comfort for her. She knew that Sam was going to take care of a problem. […] And, I’m like, this is it. Like, this is the thing. That’s what people want.”

The Power of Podcasting in Marketing

Justin discusses how leveraging podcasts can serve as a strategic tool to gain approval for new marketing initiatives, even from skeptical CEOs. By interviewing marketers who successfully launched podcasts, Justin created content that provided a blueprint for others to follow, demonstrating the tangible benefits of this medium in engaging target accounts and driving content creation.

“What I did was I interviewed a bunch of marketers who had gotten podcasts approved by their CEO. And I told the stories; that was the topic: How did you get a podcast approved by a CEO who didn’t believe in podcasting?”

Creating Impactful Content Across Channels

In his response, Michalowski highlights the importance of tailoring content to meet specific channel requirements while maintaining a focus on solving audience pain points. Whether it’s an SEO article or a podcast episode, the goal remains to find the sweet spot between addressing audience needs and showcasing product solutions.

“Does the content find a middle ground between what the audience experiences as a pain point and what our product does to solve it?”

Storytelling as a Core Marketing Strategy

Joe reflects on his journey from agency work to content marketing at Mosaic, underscoring the critical role of storytelling in creating engaging content. Joe and Meredith agree that understanding the audience and their interests, akin to journalistic practices, can significantly elevate content quality and relevance.

“I kind of have a superpower here that I just sort of stumbled into […] it’s all about the story. And so many marketers who just get a marketing degree, for example, may not have that training.”

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