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How to leverage B2B influencer with a small team

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Episode Summary

In this episode of Tech Qualified, Justin Brown and Meredith Metsker chat with Stephen Robles of Riverside about asynchronous recording technologies. The discussion kicks off with an overview of Riverside’s features designed to ease recording processes for busy professionals. Stephen explains how the platform allows for recording without requiring all participants to be online simultaneously, a boon for busy CEOs and subject matter experts.

The conversation dives into specific functionalities of Riverside, such as creating links for asynchronous recording, which simplifies the collection of high-quality audio and video content. This feature is particularly beneficial for journalists and businesses needing testimonials without coordinating schedules. Stephen highlights the intuitive user interface that guides users through the recording process, ensuring quality submissions with minimal technical know-how.

Towards the end, the podcast covers Riverside’s innovative approach to content creation and its potential applications in various fields, including marketing and education. Stephen discusses upcoming features and enhancements that streamline the editing process, enabling users to produce polished content directly within Riverside. This episode is a must-listen for professionals looking to leverage technology for more efficient content creation and management.

Drew Moffitt

Head of Marketing


Key Insights

Virtual Offices Enhance Remote Collaboration

Kumospace has introduced a digital platform that mimics the physical office environment to enhance remote collaboration effectively. This innovative solution provides a space where remote teams can interact in a virtual setting that replicates a traditional office layout, complete with areas like conference rooms and private offices. The platform is designed to facilitate natural and spontaneous interactions among team members, mirroring the ease of communication found in physical office spaces. This approach helps in maintaining team cohesion and supports the productivity benefits typically associated with conventional office setups.

Influencer Marketing Drives B2B Engagement

In the realm of B2B marketing, influencer strategies have proven highly effective for Kumospace, particularly in increasing brand visibility and engagement. The company strategically leverages influencer marketing by focusing on authentic content creation that resonates with the target audience. This method involves collaborating with influencers who can creatively and genuinely integrate Kumospace’s services into their content, thus ensuring relatability and enhancing audience engagement. This strategy has significantly boosted their growth and customer acquisition, illustrating the power of well-executed influencer marketing in the B2B sector.

Strategic Content Selection Maximizes Influencer Impact

Kumospace’s success with influencer marketing hinges on the strategic selection and management of content creators. The company prioritizes influencers who consistently produce content that aligns with their brand image and goals. This includes ensuring that the content is not only engaging but also authentically represents the influencer’s style and audience expectations. By encouraging influencers to maintain their unique voice and authenticity, Kumospace enhances the organic reach and effectiveness of their marketing campaigns, which translates to better engagement rates and more substantial impact on their target audience.

Episode Highlights

Impact of Pandemic on Workplace and Product Adoption

During the early stages of the pandemic, Kumospace noticed a shift towards virtual environments for various activities like events and team building. This change prompted them to focus on providing a consistent virtual office space, seeing a significant uptick in usage as companies moved to fully remote operations. 

“For us, we’re like, we threw this product out into the wild during the pandemic, and we’re, hey, let’s have better group video chat, and it was used extensively for various use cases, virtual events, a lot of things of that nature.” 

The Evolution of Influencer Marketing in B2B

Drew discusses the evolution of influencer marketing within Kumospace, highlighting how they’ve adapted their strategies to leverage social media platforms effectively. This approach has become an integral part of their marketing, focusing on performance-based metrics and viral potential. 

“We figured out the mechanics that might make a video go viral that’s done by a third party creator. And when that video goes viral, our CPMs really compress on that.” 

The Role of Authenticity in Influencer Marketing

The conversation emphasizes the importance of authenticity in influencer campaigns, especially in the B2B space. By allowing creators to maintain their voice and authenticity, Kumospace has seen more genuine and effective engagements.

“The first piece is you need to lean into the creator. The second piece is “we know what the creator should look like for us.”

Challenges and Strategies in Measuring Influencer Impact

Drew discusses the internal debates and challenges faced in quantifying the impact of influencer marketing on revenue and brand growth. He highlights the solutions they’ve implemented to better understand their return on investment. 

“The thing that happens when we were using the link in bio is we’ve had 100 clicks and we’re like, there’s no way we can see thousands of people hitting the website and a spike in that traffic.”

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