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Getting Started With Customer Loyalty

Jacob Brain


Are you wondering how you can keep customers motivated in coming back to your business?  If so, you’re in the right place.  As the competitiveness of businesses grows, marketers and business owners are realizing more and more that customer retention is better than acquisition.  So with that being said, this article is intended to help you understand what you really need to know about customer loyalty programs in order to retain the customers you’ve already gained.

Customer Loyalty Programs

We’re sure that you’ve noticed that customer loyalty programs are becoming increasingly popular as days go by.  So you may be asking yourself what exactly are these programs.  While the specifics of each loyalty program are different, they all accomplish one thing, which is to reward good customer behavior.  One of the first big mistakes is to think that coupons are the best way to retain your loyalty customers. You can Use Coupons To Kill Customer Loyalty, so all effort should be made to avoid that practice. Coupons are not good for customer retention so don’t make the mistake of using coupons as your main reward when implementing your loyalty program.  However, when implementing your loyalty program, you should utilize a checklist like the Free Checklist we offer at New North.

Loyalty Program Tips

When implementing a loyalty program, it’s important to create one that works.  If not, you’re customers are going to reject the program and you will have lost valuable resources.  While there are many mistakes that can be made, we have highlighted 5 that are real killers in a recent article titled 5 Reward Program Mistakes and How to Fix Them.  Unfortunately some mistakes can’t be fixed and cause the program to fail.  Make sure this isn’t you by taking the time to read our article about Why Loyalty Programs Fail.  Not only is knowing what not to do important but it’s also very important to know what you should do and how to get people to adopt your program.  You’ll find all of these tips very helpful as you create a winning loyalty program.

Benchmarking Data

Once you have your program in place, it is important to benchmark your data.  Without doing so, you’ll never truly understand if your marketing efforts are helping you reach your short and long-term goals.  Read our article about Benchmarking Data For Your Loyalty Program to learn more about internal benchmarking.  Having the right data will help you evaluate your program from the beginning and not when it may be too late.

By taking all that we have shared into consideration, you’ll be on your way to creating a winning loyalty program. However, if you would like more insight on building lasting relationships through effective retention marketing, give us a call at 240.575.5887.

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