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Is Hubspot Right For Managed Service Providers (MSPs) ?

Jacob Brain


So you’re looking at HubSpot for your IT MSP company to make your next marketing push into the world of digital marketing. There are a few things to know before making the investment but overall, you’re in for a wild ride!

Hubspot Marketing Automation Tool

Before you jump in, it’s important to know that Hubspot is a marketing automation tool, plus a bit more. It does great marketing automation, but it also has the social media management dashboard, fully website development suite, WYSIWYG editor for email templates, and much more. The point is, Hubspot will give you everything you need to take on digital marketing and keep it in one controlled environment. The “hub” of Hubspot, is the idea that its all in one place. Your website is the center of all your marketing activity, and Hubspot gives you the control you need.

MSPs Need Nurture Campaigns

If there is one thing we know, is that large IT investments mean that customers evaluate and consider this purchase and partnership longer that a basic, or one-time purchase. To that end, lead nurturing is required to help move a potential customer from curiosity to contemplation within a deeper engagement. Using Hubspot for MSPs can help you create real nurturing campaigns that are keyed off of real client interactions.

Insights into MSP Leads

Another great reason to think about Hubspot is the depth of reporting you get in Hubspot. Do you know what lead source brings you the most revenue? How about the lead to conversion to customer from your leads? Of what content converts the most customers? This is the type of reporting that Hubspot can help MSPs with. As your central marketing tool, you can integrate all your marketing information into your customer data and make actionable items and reports that truly inform.

Want a Private Product Tour?

Are you ready to give it a try, but don’t want to connect to Hubspot yet? Or don’t want to be “sold” Hubspot quite yet? We’d be happy to give you a private demo of the software that would allow you to see the tool in action, with real data and hear first hand how it really works for MSPs and IT companies.

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