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Why You Need To Close Most Of Your Social Media Accounts

Jacob Brain


You jumped whole hog into social media a few years ago to tap into all this excitement. Now, though, you’re not so sure what you’re doing – or what the whole point of all of this is for your business. The truth is, you need to close most of your social media accounts. Here’s why.

There are generally a few common reasons why you need to close your social media accounts. First, it was not thought out for the long term. No strategy was really developed to see what the point of social media marketing was. Second, you don’t have a real audience for each platform, or you can’t get one. Your plan doesn’t really create an audience, which is the whole point of social.  Lastly, you can’t keep up. Some channels take some real effort that you just can’t muster. Let’s see how this works for each channel, and when you might want to pull the plug.

Close Your Facebook Account

You need to close your Facebook account if you aren’t growing in likes every week. The truth is that If you’re not gaining audience, you’re doing something wrong. If that audience is only your friends and family, that’s probably a reason to jump ship as well. Facebook can work wonders for a b2c company, but you have to play by the rules. Facebook requires authenticity, timely posts, and un-business related posting. If you’re not funny, fun, or engaging, you’re just another business trying to milk Facebook – and we all hate that.

Close Your Twitter Account

Twitter is one of my favorite platforms, but it’s not for everyone. It’s a 140 character shouting match to gain the attention of users. It’s time to close your Twitter account when you’re not getting any retweets or new followers about every 3 tweets. Twitter can work for any company, and could for you if you had the right social media strategy.

Close Your Pinterest Account

Pinterest is cool, but only if you’re a middle aged woman. If you’re on this channel thinking you are reaching more than a bunch of Oprah-crazed moms, you’re wrong. We’ll admit it: Pinterest is so good at reaching this demographic that if this was your main target, you could almost afford to focus on this platform exclusively and skip a website. If you’re looking elsewhere, though – close your account.

[tweetthis]If you’re on Pinterest thinking you are reaching more than a bunch of Oprah-crazed moms, you’re wrong.[/tweetthis]

Close your Google Plus Account

If you had a Google Plus account and are still using it, just close it. Google tried and tried. I give them credit, but social media on the whole may be on a decline (see here), and this is an easy channel to trim or to ghost (by ghost, we mean to just repost what you’ve posted on another channel, like Facebook). If you by chance have a great Google Plus following, call me. I’d love to see it, and hear how/why/what you do to make it work.

Before You Close, We Should Talk

So, here’s the closing pitch. We have a love hate relationship with social media. Don’t get me wrong; it works, but I’m just in line with the next guy in thinking that this game has gone on for too long. It’s noise in an already noisy world, but again – it works. So, if you’re reaching the end of your rope with social media, let me know. I’d like to see if we could help give you direction or manage your social media marketing to build new success into your operations. It’s a free, no pressure call. Let’s talk.

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