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Should I Have a SnapChat Marketing Account?

Jacob Brain


SnapChat Marketing is taking the world by storm, but most of us can let this storm pass. Here is our take on why B2B companies don’t need a SnapChat account.

Is Your Audience on SnapChat?

The main audience for SnapChat, as you’d guess, is pretty young at this point. Unless you are trying to reach the under-24 crowd, this medium lacks the audience you need to make it viable for your marketing effort. In addition, the application is focused on social connections from person to person, so reaching a larger audience might be costly.

What Would I Say on SnapChat?

Content creation on the scale needed for SnapChat Marketing would require a major effort by your marketing department. So unless you already have a content creation program within your company, the volume of content you’d need puts this channel out of reach. Posts have a 24hr life span, and require constant updates. Combine that with the P2P nature (person to person) connection, and the logistics of doing this well make it almost unmanageable for most businesses. I could see this used in a late nurture phase, but that’s all.

What should I do instead of SnapChat?

We’d recommend getting a good grip on video production and what that means for your company, or focusing on social media marketing. As an inbound and social media marketing company in Frederick, Maryland, we know that creating content takes lots of energy and focus. Your inbound marketing team can help you create the content, but without a strong base of content and messaging, you won’t be able to work in channels like SnapChat.

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