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Episode 12: The Biggest Marketing Takeaways of 2016

Jacob Brain


Show Notes

In this week’s episode (which is also the first season finale!), Tobin, Jacob, and Jon get together to discuss their biggest marketing takeaways from 2016. We also discuss our biggest insights that we’ve learned about podcasting over the course of the first season, and look ahead to what 2017 holds for the podcast.

This Week’s Topic:

The Biggest Marketing Takeaways of 2016


  • What each cast member’s biggest marketing takeaway was for 2016
  • Biggest insights from starting a podcast
  • Looking ahead for the podcast in 2017

Additional Resources

During this episode, Tobin discusses EOS, an operating system that our company has implemented this year. For more resources into this system and its philosophy, visit eosworldwide.com.

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