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The Current State of Voice to Text Transcription

Jacob Brain


This post was drafted completely without editing using voice-to-text technology. Reader be advised.

Start Unedited Transcription.

So the premise of this article is simple. I would draft an article using voice to text only. Seeing if it was faster, or how many errors or issues with exist in the article when I finished.

So you’re about to read that experiment and see how it goes.

The reason this post important is because the change from text to voice activated input into the computer will change the face of digital marketing forever. Once we no longer encumbered with the keyboard and can simply talk into the machine’s and the machines understand us clearly parentheses that’s a whole other post and parentheses, we will be after the race in the technology boom. Some would argue that were already there, and I wouldn’t necessarily disagree.

From digital marketing perspective voice search is already available through devices such as Alexa or Google home these are now allowing us to search the web using our voice. I think the early results show that people can use their voice about as accurately as I can use text still not necessarily changing the nature of search but simply making it faster to create bad searches. People may change the way they think about search not necessarily trying to find things locally or with qualifying statements but simply asking the machine or in this case Alexa what they think they should no.

This will be a pretty important shift when no longer do we look for things such as pizza in Frederick Maryland but Alexa please order me a pizza and seeing what she would return. This will ultimately put a lot of power in Alexis‘s hands or an Amazon‘s hands yet you could argue that power already exists with Google and why there $1 billion company.

Should I prepare for voice search?

I think if your retail or consumer goods you should absolutely be thinking about voice search and how that pertains to your business. The next wave of information and content marketing hasn’t really tapped into voice search yet because people are not asking Alexa or Google home for detailed advice simply fax figures and anecdotes. I fear the day when Alexa is seriously asked for business advice or direction on company growth. This maybe in the future but maybe augmented bye True inside from companies who take advantage of a text to search database and can provide a I to couple it together.

Well voice search or voice be important for B to B businesses?

I think what will happen with voice search is the same thing that’s happening in text search which is looking for companies and virtual referrals on companies that executes services. People typically look for vendors another relationships using explicit search is around the text or the type of company that looking for, EX architects for where houses. This will still be there by nominate use of voice I believe in the future to start doing research in options for data collection. It will not be used for insight or advice simply as a way to speed up the data collection process.

Why is this article so hard to understand?

I don’t think we have a lot of fear when it comes to voice search in the near future. Rather there is more excitement around the possibilities this technology can provide to us once the bugs are worked out. As you can tell by this article there’s so much left to be understood in the way we speak and talk to one another that Siri here is not quite picking up. This may take many years to smooth out yet with a Vance of technology and the speed of growth you could be here sooner than we think. This will be a good thing but of course every good thing in the wrong hands ends up not being a good thing.


You’ll be inching the check back in another year to see how far the technology has come along. I could recite similar contacts and see if I can understand in better detail what I’m talking about. I hope it 10. And I hope we can do more to support our businesses in our research needs in ways that strength and businesses and strengthen market opportunities and move out of the funny gadget fees into a true business stool.

Note I did not say stool-  but thats funny.

End Transcription

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