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The Power of Small: Why Little Things Make All the Difference

Jacob Brain


Thinking small is big. Well, its bigger than you might think when it comes to paying attention to the details of our lives and businesses. This theme is the centerpiece of the book, “The Power of Small“, by Linda Kaplan Thaler . This short read focuses on all of the small things that go into our businesses and how we can harness them to make the most of each conversation, meeting, and relationship. I picked this book due to the simplistic title and page count, knowing that I could read it in just a few short sittings. While the ideas in the book may not blow you away, they will help you focus on items that are frequently overlooked and can make a huge difference in our lives if not taken for granted.

I recommend this book to anyone who manages a team or interfaces directly with customers. We need a team of dedicated and thoughtful customer service representatives, not just the one who sits at the front desk. With the holiday season quickly approaching, consider empowering all of your employees with this small book. It just might be the best present your office receives.

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