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Top conversion optimization guidelines

Top Conversion Optimization Guidelines for AV Integrators

Jacob Brain


Conversion optimization for AV integrators is exciting and important – but it takes some real work.

Let me back up for a minute, and ask you this question: is your website properly optimized to convert your prospects into leads, and then your leads into customers? Or what about this: are you aware of the aspects of conversion optimization that your AV integration business is focusing on? Last one: do you know what conversion optimization is and what benefits lay hidden in it for your AV integration business?

If your answer was yes to each of those questions, nice work. You’re on the right track to optimizing your conversions. However, if your answer was no to all three of those questions (or to any one of them, to be honest), you may need to rethink your strategies for conversion optimization as an AV integrator.

If you want to increase the efforts that your AV integration business is taking with conversion optimization, or maybe you’re wondering what in the world conversion optimization is, this article was written for you.

Go ahead, grab a cup of coffee and settle in to find out about the top conversion rate optimization guidelines for you as an AV integrator.

So, What Is Conversion Optimization?

Conversion optimization is the process of increasing the percentage of visitors to your website who take intentional and desired actions. The hope is that conversion optimization causes prospective clients to complete a contact form, download an ebook after filling out a form, and, ultimately, to become customers.

The actual act of conversion optimization is the process of optimizing (or preparing) your AV integrator website to convert your prospective customer base.

Now that you have a clear understanding of what conversion optimization is and how it benefits your business, let’s dive a little deeper. The process for optimizing conversions as an AV integrator can take on many forms. I’ll outline a few of the main aspects to focus on in the following paragraphs.

Create Unambiguous Content Free of A/V Jargon

Unambiguous content is a very important aspect of conversion optimization for AV integrators. The amount of jargon and complicated technical terms that get lost on the general public in the audio/visual space can prove to have negative effects on the conversion rates of AV websites.

In order to avoid that issue, your AV integration website should be optimized so your customers can easily find what they’re looking for, in uncomplicated terms. This might mean more clearly labeled sections with general terms that slowly dive a little deeper as the page goes on. Or, it could mean simple siphoning out the areas of your site that seem a bit confusing or wordy. You may even want to get creative with the content you promote and incorporate some video marketing.

Yes, it is still necessary to have your technical terms on the site for the sake of labeling your products accurately and providing the specs that people in the industry love to look at. However, the reality is that most of your potential clients probably aren’t in the AV industry – so it’s equally important to have an explanation of the products and services you offer in layman’s terms so that your clients don’t get lost in the shuffle of AV integration jargon.

Build a Website that is Optimized for Conversions

In addition to creating unambiguous content, AV marketing should also ensure that a company’s entire site is optimized for conversion. The content is a very crucial and large first step, but right up next to that is the appearance and the vibrancy of your call to actions (CTA’s).

Look into the conversion pieces on your AV integrator site. By conversion pieces, I mean contact us buttons, ebook downloads, gated content, or any other areas where a visitor can give you their information.

Every page should have one to two conversion pieces on it (or at least at very close proximity), i.e., a contact us button in the top navigation.

Other than that, there could be an ebook pop up on a few pages, ‘learn more’ buttons on others, maybe even a blog that requires you to submit your name and email in order to view it.

Whether you think this sounds simple or complex, the truth is that designing a website that turns visitors into marketing-qualified leads is no small task.

Use Analytics to Make Decisions

Google Analytics is a fantastic tool to use, especially when it comes to conversion optimization for AV integrators. It will provide your business with the insights and data you need in order to move forward with successful optimizations. If this is not already installed, make sure you get that at the top of your to-do’s.

In order to improve your current AV integrator website conversion rate, you need to set a baseline and understand where you’re at now.

Google Analytics gives you the ability to set this foundation of knowledge. You can keep an eye on what forms are getting the most attention. You can also answer questions like: What pages are users on? How long do they spend on those pages? What’s the most popular type of call-to-action? Is your website more successful with whitepaper downloads or with the generic contact form?

Additionally, with the Optimize 360 integration in Google Analytics, you gain the unique ability to build custom user and site experiences based on the audiences that you create within the platform.

If you don’t know where to start with conversion optimization for AV integrators, that’s where we come in.

How We Can Help

At New North, we pride ourselves on our unique combination of website design knowledge, marketing expertise, and familiarity with AV integrators. We can help you change your website from a branding piece to a conversion machine.

If you need help with conversion optimization for AV integrators, schedule your free 30-minute website optimization consult.

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