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When a Prospect Says No – What’s Next

Jacob Brain


We’ve all been to the point in the sale when we move to the closing question and the prospect says “no”. Some experts will say , “never take no for an answer” and we think that thinking is just dead wrong. Getting to “no” should be a relief, as it gives you clear indication of where they are and what comes next. The problem most sales teams face, is they don’t know what is next and getting a “no” is a death sentence.

In Steps Lead Nurturing

As we’ve stated, the problem is that most sales teams don’t know what to do with “no”. They might schedule an appointment for follow up, or ask more questions still pushing for a “yes” while draining all good will from the prospect. Luckily, this is where lead nurturing comes into play.

We’ve created many nurture campaigns that allow businesses like yours to keep up engagement with the prospect, yet not pressure them with face-to-face meetings or calls. These campaigns, typically executed via email and social media, address some of the common objections to your product or service and allow the prospect to learn more, while staying engaged with your brand. It does the long hard work of educating the prospect, while your sales team moves on to prospects who are ready to close.

Scoring on Engagement

The other great thing about these campaigns, is that you can watch, and even score the prospects engagement with the campaign in real time. If they are highly engaged in the campaign, this might mean you need to connect sooner, or if they fall off, they might be a lost cause. We do this through lead scoring, as part of the automation process, and it gives you more valuable information that allows you and your team to keep their time focused on closing.

No Means Not Yet

What someone is really saying when they are saying no, is not yet. There is a time for everything under the sun, and this no simply let’s you know that is not the time. Its not a rejection of you, your product or service, its an indication of not being a fit. A good sales person can then figure out what the objections to fit are, and deal with them appropriately. This is a great time to let marketing automation kick in and help nurture the prospect to a yes down the road.

If you’d like to covert those no conversion to yes conversions, then contact New North about how we could help you setup a marketing automation campaign with lead nurturing to help your business optimize the sales process.

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