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Why Your Business Needs Google Places

Jacob Brain


There are 2 reasons that people go on the internet: for entertainment, or to solve a problem. Your business is the solution to someone’s problem. With 3.5 billion searches per day, Google is one of the main ways that people get the answers they are searching for. With all this power and reach, it probably costs an arm and a leg to rank well, right? Nope. You can rank well on your keywords with some hard work and SEO expertise. One in five desktop searches is for a local company, so your competition just went from the whole world to the businesses in your backyard. One of the best ways to rank well is through the use of Google places.

What is Google Places?

If you have ever used Google maps to get somewhere, then you have an introduction to Google places. The businesses that you travel to give clients better accessibility and information about your business. Not only does it show up on Google maps, but it adds a box to the right side of search results when your business is searched. On top of all that, it significantly helps your search ranking. Verifying your business on Google places gives Google confidence that you are indeed a legitimate business and provide services to customers. With all these benefits, who wouldn’t want to be a part of Google places?

How Do I Get Listed on Google Places?

Getting listed on Google Places is a simple 2 step process. First, you have to set up an account and tell Google information about your business such as address, images, services, etc. This is all information that will then be presented to searchers when your business comes up. After you do this, Google will then send you a PIN (usually in the mail, believe it or not) that allows you to finish your application. Submit this, and you are done! Your business is now listed on Google places.

Getting your company listed on Google Places is just one of the many ways you can increase your SEO ranking. The difficult part is knowing what to do. Should you do Google authorship status? What keywords are right for your business? These are the kind of things you need to discuss with an SEO expert. The last thing you want is to work for months on your SEO and find out you have been heading in the wrong direction. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by what can be a complicated process, give New North a call. As a Frederick, Maryland search engine optimization company, we’ve helped businesses around the world with their listings, and we can help you move in the right direction.

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