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5 Tips For Consultant Marketing

Jacob Brain


Successful consultant is more than just a pretty presentation. You’re in a field that requires a depth of trust with your clients, and that means establishing a strong relationship that can build trust over the long haul.

So, how do you get started on building strong marketing plan for your consulting firm? Here are 5 consultant marketing secrets that can change your firm for good.

1. Consultants Need a Strong Website

You can’t go far in your lead generation campaigns without a Website that can educate, inform and delight your customers. Beyond just a list of services, your site should have case studies, a blog that displays your expertise, and various points of lead conversion to build your sales funnel. Your craft is being professional, so how can a client trust you if your site looks like it was done in 2008?

Here is a quick checklist to see how your current consultant marketing website stands up:

  • Do you have a complete list of services specific to your niches?
  • Are your case studies relevant and less than 2 years old?
  • Are your team photos and bios present and updated?
  • Do you offer an expertise-based blog that a visitor can subscribe to?
  • Do you have updated, professional photos of your clients?
  • Can you identify the SEO keywords that drive traffic month-to-month?

2. Consulting Marketing Requires Real Lead Nurturing

Your business is based on large project investments from your clients. People who are building a building don’t wake up one morning and drop thousands on a consulting. This process takes time, and time requires an consultant to have a strong lead nurturing from marketing automation. This is the most difficult marketing tip for management consultants ot implement.

There are two types of nurture that can significantly impact your consultant marketing: newsletter marketing and sales nurture automation.

Consultant Newsletters

Each month you should be putting your expertise on display in the form of an email newsletter. From articles on thought-leadership, case studies, and company news, your current and prospective customers should be hearing about you. Creating email newsletters and keeping it consistent is not for the weak at heart, but we’ve been helping clients do this task with great results.

Lead Nurture for Consultants

So once you make a contact on your site, how are you educating them to your expertise and services? A successful lead nurturing campaign will deliver a series of messages that will help your prospect get to know you better. The best part, is that once it is setup, it allows your sales team to help close more sales by taking their focus off the customers who are not quite ready to buy. These campaigns can effectively multiply your sales force, and increase your customer service at the same time.

3. Don’t Ignore Social Media Marketing

It may be hard to understand the benefits of LinkedIn marketing for consultants, but it’s a reality that your customers are on social media and connecting with them is important in your sales process. While you might not need to be posting every day, you should speak to your expertise, company, and values in your posting.

Yet whatever you do, approach social media marketing with a reasonable cadence and transparency that will build the “why” of your company, not just push products and services. Be active an inspiring to get your brand engaged.

4. Localize your SEO

Generally, your business might be confined to a radius of travel that gives you an advantage when it comes to search engine optimization for your site. Focusing on the location keywords can help increase your page rank quickly, as well as beat out your competition. Most searches are still done with location qualifiers ex. “Management Consulting in Boston”, which should be part of your overall keyword strategy.

Don’t forget to optimize your services pages for even the most simple of services. Don’t omit “Better Meetings” for “Management Consulting for Teams”. We obviously we all want the big check, but the basic term might have more searches each month, which is going to bring more potential customers to your site.

We use Hubspot’s Keyword Tool as part of our Keyword analysis process, and it’s the first stage of our new engagements with clients. As far as marketing automation software, Hubspot is great for consultants who are looking to bring their marketing to the next level, without breaking the bank.

5. Have A Year-long Consultant Marketing Strategy

There is a lot to get done to make an consultant marketing plan work. But the only way to do it successfully is to have a plan. A successful marketing plan is going to take into account all the areas of existing business, new growth opportunities, and refine the existing systems for efficiency. Lead generation depends on having a clear vision of who your customers are, and where your company is going. A few key elements:

  1. Have a clear idea of your clients through persona exercises.
  2. Determine budgets for resources inside and outside the company for marketing.
  3. Spend the time to create sales funnel metrics so you know what goals your marketing plan needs to achieve for you.
  4. Plan the slow and busy seasons of work so you can be marketing more during slow seasons and not over-burden yourselves during the busy times.

Put Them In Action

I hope these 5 consultant marketing secrets bring your marketing to the next level and create a lead generation platform that works. We’ve helped firms like yours build plans and execute them with success. If you are interested in hearing more, contact us today for a free marketing consultation and learn how we could help your company grow.

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