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6 Secrets for Your Highest Twitter Engagement Yet

Jacob Brain


Engagement is one of the most sought-after results on Twitter. How do you get your audience to interact with you? How can you increase your retweets, likes, clicks? Without interaction from your audience, you can feel like you’re just shouting into the void of the internet without much ROI.

Take a look at six different ways you can increase your twitter engagement.

1. Interact with Your Community

Are you really just shouting into the void? If all you’re doing is tweeting, you just might be. Social media is designed to create connections and facilitate more interaction between people. Take advantage of the design and interact with influencers and followers. Retweet other companies within your industry. Follow manufacturing associations and comment on their posts. Use Twitter as another way to build relationships with your customers. Congratulate them on their accomplishments or give their profiles some love by retweeting, liking, or commenting.

The more you use social media for manufacturing as a chance to interact with major players or with others in your industry, the more you’re getting your name out front and center. More people will see your profile and return the favor.

2. Hop On Trends

Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? People across all social platforms were dumping buckets of ice on top of themselves to raise awareness about ALS. That was a big opportunity for companies everywhere. By sharing a creative video in the name of the challenge, you could boost your company reputation by doing a little something for a good cause, create engaging video content, and interact with your community by calling out other businesses in the area to do the same.

It’s not every day a trend comes around that is viable on social media for manufacturing. But when they do, make sure you take advantage of it. Keep a finger on the pulse of the latest trends by doing an occasional google search for the latest twitter challenge.

3. Take Advantage of Hashtags

Every time you’re on twitter, take note of the left sidebar. What hashtags are trending that day? Take advantage of them by using ones like #WednesdayWisdom to share manufacturing tips or #MotivationMonday to send out an inspiring message. While these two examples are pretty safe, always research your hashtags before using them. They may not always mean what you think.

Another way to optimize your hashtag usage is to create your own hashtag that you use when tweeting out tips or employee stories. For example, #manufacturingmonday could highlight work opportunities, great cultural moments, or manufacturing tips.

4. How Often Are You Tweeting?

While most other channels can give you great impressions with just once a day posts, twitter operates at a much faster pace than other social channels. Ideally, you would send out 15 tweets a day. For most companies, this just isn’t feasible. So, to make your social media for manufacturing as successful as possible, try to send out at least two. Two tweets sent out at the peak hours for posting are much more effective than a tweet every other day.

Tweeting more often not only increases your impressions, but it gets you in front of different sections of your audience more often. For example, if you post at 10 am every day, your tweets are only getting in front of the section of your audience that’s on twitter every day at 10. Testing out different times with more content will allow your tweets more circulation.

5. Test out Live Tweeting

Are you attending an event? A tradeshow? Seeing a seminar? Live tweeting at an event that you’re attending can really boost your engagement. It brings the audience into the room with you, provides them with useful information, and showcases your expertise. Broadcasting your event attendance sets you up as a company that is active in your field, always learning, and staying on the cutting edge.

To live tweet effectively, use one hashtag that your audience can follow to hear the whole event. For example, try #CompanyNameatEvent. Clear, simple, and easy to remember.

6. Optimize Your Visual Content

As a manufacturer, you actually have some great twitter fodder all around you. The manufacturing world is one that most people don’t ever see. Twitter is your chance to give your audience an inside look. Think of all the large machinery you use and think of unique ways to use it for social media for manufacturing. For example, ASMR videos are very popular right now. Something as simple as a video of mixing paint can be relaxing and engaging for your audience to view.

Look around your manufacturing plant for content that matches Twitter trends. Do you have an employee that’s worked there for longer than ten years? Test out the #10YearChallenge with their company ID photos. You’d be amazed at how much someone can change in ten years and it’s a good way to show your audience that you’re a great place to work.

Find Out What Works Best

When it comes to social media for manufacturing, every company is a little different. You may need to test out different hashtag usage, the best visual content, and do some trial and error before you find out what gets the best engagement for your company. At New North, we’re numbers people. We focus in on the analytics to find out what tactics work best and how we can apply it for your manufacturing company.

Are you ready to take your social media for manufacturing to the next level? Give us a call today.

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