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Brooks Brothers Orientation Email

Jacob Brain


We’re always on the lookout for great loyalty and retention materials. There is something to be said about the simplicity and cleanliness of the email I received from Brooks Brothers after joining their loyalty club.

Why we like this email.

Clear Intent and Confirmation

This email has clear intent. Welcome Aboard. The idea is clear and simple. No additional promotions or more language than needed. A bit of inbox etiquette that we appreciate.

One Call to Action

That’s right. One main call-to-action. In the fight for attention you’re lucky to have your email read at all, let alone have the customer filter your call to actions. One simple next step is all you need.

Do you want great communications like this for your loyalty program?

Contact us today, or call 240.575.5887, for a conversation on loyalty program communications and how great email is no accident. As an email marketing company in Frederick, Maryland, we know what works and what doesn’t.

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