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CEO’s Guide to Managed Marketing

Jacob Brain


Maybe you’ve never thought of having a completely accountable and autonomous managed marketing team outside of the walls of your business, but this model has higher ROI than hiring internally – and it can bring more results and fewer headaches to your growing company.

Higher ROI Than Hiring

The biggest advantage in managed marketing services is that your marketing dollars go right toward solving the problem. Rather than paying for vacations, faculty lunches, and having more people to manage from an HR perspective, every dollar goes into your marketing momentum.

Every dollar in a managed marketing agreement is assigned to the tasks that create value for your company. So, rather than hiring a 60-80K marketing manager (who will not have more than 40 hrs a week to get everything done) you get a team that can produce more marketing activity than any one person alone. The end result? 200-300% more activity than one person alone.

Additionally, when you hire a marketing manager, they might have one or two really good skill sets, but they might also have weaknesses in other areas. A managed marketing team, on the other hand, will bring many experts to the table, bringing the overall quality of work up. Your marketing will be more effective.

Managed Marketing is 100% Accountable to Results

Even more of an advantage is that you have a team that is 100% accountable to your results. Your team will have a bulldog-like focus on results, rather than on fitting in and navigating the office politics. The team is able to focus on the details of getting results. With clear reporting, and because they’re untangled from the office dynamics, this team can create more value faster, allowing you to get the results you need – minus the excuses.

Scalable to Fit Your Budget

No matter how your budget fluctuates, a managed marketing service can shift to allow you to have the most impact based on your budget. Plus, with detailed reporting, you can see what activities are working best, and understand how to maximize your return and allocate funds accordingly. Your team might be running paid advertising, blog writing, website optimization, email marketing, sales nurture in marketing automation, or lead scoring. All of these activities can be customized and scale to fit your needs.

What Are You Waiting For?

Are you interested in learning more about managed marketing services? Let’s talk about your growth goals and how a managed marketing team can help to you reach those goals. Just get in touch with us for a free online marketing conversation. Take the first step towards your growth goals!


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