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Inbound Marketing & Customer Loyalty

Jacob Brain


What does inbound marketing have to do with customer loyalty? The two almost seem at the opposite ends of the spectrum, one in lead generation, one in retention. But at New North, we see a healthy relationship between the two, and here’s why.

Inbound marketing is not just for leads

Having a view that content marketing, or inbound marketing can only help create new leads is short sighted. The power of content reaches far beyond the basic limits of SEO and keywords. Content can tell a story. Content can bring insight and depth to a relationship. Content and inbound marketing can play a big role in bringing the customer further into your company on a bigger journey, not just to the checkout one time.

Customers need nurturing

Growing off of our last point, your customers are not raving fans yet. They need nurturing. Inbound methodology is a great framework for nurturing customers to their full potential. There are gaps in their perception of the business, and gaps in the knowledge you have of their needs. Inbound marketing can help fill those gaps to build a better understanding of your customers, and for the customer, a better understanding of your offerings. Using surveys, or well positioned content can help identify those gaps to increase your marketing effectiveness.

Automation + Inbound Marketing  = Power

Take inbound marketing to a whole new level when you employ the power of marketing automation to your campaigns. When you have timely and relevant content being sent to your current customers you business perception is elevated in the mind of the customer. You are able to connect with them in more meaningful ways, which creates a better relationship. Inbound and marketing automation are a wonderful mix when it comes to creating impactful customer loyalty.

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