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lead generation for AV integrators

Lead Generation Tools for AV Integrators

Jacob Brain


Let’s talk lead generation.

As every business owner knows, when new customers (or leads) stop coming in, business dries up. Without business, it’s quite difficult to support yourself, your family, or your employees. So how do you increase your ability to bring in leads? Working with the right tools helps.

When it comes to lead generation for AV integrators, you’ll want to work with a couple of great tools that will help you track, respond, and generate leads for your business.

Great CRM Software

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. These platforms help you track, communicate, and increase your sales productivity. Here at New North, we’ve used Hubspot for the past several years. This all-in-one marketing, sales, and website design platform allows you to track form submissions, meetings, notes, and where your leads are in the sales cycle.

What CRM software do you use? If you’ve worked with a cumbersome CRM, then you know how hindering its limitations can be. When you’re trying to increase your lead generation for AV integrators, you need a CRM platform that helps you along in the process and doesn’t slow you down.

However, the best CRM in the world can’t help if you don’t use it. Make sure that you track where your leads are in the sales funnel and include notes on your last meeting, so you know where to pick up again the next time you’re in contact. Pay attention to your productivity statistics and identify areas where you could improve to increase your lead generation. If you’ve seen your contacts decrease, brainstorm new ways to boost them back up.

Social Media Presence

How’s your social media presence? Do you have one? On what platforms?

When it comes to B2B, social media may not be the first thing you think of for lead generation for AV integrators. While I wouldn’t count on it as a continuous source of new leads, it can work in more subtle ways to increase contacts and trust with opportunities. Your social media accounts allow you to create a personable presence with new connections. Use social media platforms as an opportunity to build trust with your followers by showcasing company values.

Remember, when a possible lead is researching your company, they’ll most likely look at your social pages.

Just as a lead can learn more about you from social media, you can also learn more about them. LinkedIn is a particularly powerful platform to research new connections or business opportunities. Through LinkedIn, you can learn more about a person’s position in their company, their interests, how they communicate, and what they value. Through a business Facebook page, you can see what their company values are and how you can appeal to them.

Don’t underestimate social media. It’s a powerful tool to learn more about contacts and leads that come to your website. It just may help you close a deal.

Paid Media Campaign

When you’re running a Google search, how often do you click to the second page? The majority of users on Google never advance to the second page. As a matter of fact, they often don’t scroll down past the top five. As search goes mobile, this is even truer – often, Google doesn’t even show multiple pages (instead opting for a scrollable feed).

A paid media campaign can help with lead generation for AV integrators by pushing your website to the top of the search results.

Your paid media campaign needs to be thoughtfully and strategically crafted. Remember, the broader and more general your search term, the more competitive it becomes to get your ad closer to the top, and the more expensive it will be. A better idea is to focus on niche keywords that a specific subset of your target audience would be searching.

For example, instead of running a paid media campaign for a vague keyword like “marketing,” we would run a paid media campaign for a keyword such as “marketing for AV integrators.”

If you set up your paid media campaign appropriately, you can generate as many leads as you’re willing to pay for. Paid media can jumpstart your SEO rankings and have an almost immediate impact on your lead generation.

Amazing Website

When was the last time your website was updated? If it’s been more than a few years, it’s time for an upgrade. Website design has a big impact on marketing for AV integrators. We could write a whole blog just on this topic (we have!), but we’ll keep it short and sweet here.

Updating your website design for the specific purpose of generating more leads is much different than making it look prettier or adding a few tweaks here and there. Your website needs to operate as a full sales funnel. Blogs need to provide relevant and helpful information to generate more awareness of your products/services. Insightful pages purposely encourage viewers to click through and develop their interest. Pages with clear intent, like a pricing page, guide them through the consideration phase. A wide variety of opportunities to convert, such as downloading a whitepaper or watching a gated video, allow you to create new contacts.

From that point on, nurturing and closing a contact is up to you. Don’t underestimate how your website can work as its own funnel to guide viewers through the process and generate leads.

Passionate Marketing Team

When it comes to lead generation for AV integrators, you need an experienced team to back you up. New North is here to help.

Data can help you to make very targeted, smart decisions about how you communicate with your customer. That’s marketing automation: the process of using data to make smart decisions to send communications to your customers based on what we know about them. That’s also why we rely on data to develop customized lead generation strategies for your company.

Learn more about our data-driven lead generation strategy here. And to get started with one for your AV integration firm, get in touch with us today.

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