Marketing Automation

Get the most from your marketing tools by automating the outcomes.

We Know the Challenges That Are Standing in Your Way.

Because we’ve solved them.

  • We have too many marketing tactics running. I don't know what's working.
  • I'm spread thin. I need more help making marketing happen.
  • Messages are getting crossed with our prospects. It's not a good look.
  • We need to tie revenue to marketing tactics to make our funnel precise.
  • We've made an investment into software. We need to get the most from it.
  • We're losing prospects in the nurture process. We need more sales.

Marketing Automation Opens Doors To Revenue.

We put automation to work to increase your marketing power and efficiency. Tie your systems together to nurture leads. Reduce manual labor. Hone your funnel into a perfectly-optimized, lead-generating machine that's always on.

With our marketing automation services, you’ll get:

  • Access to a dedicated team of marketing automation experts.
  • Detailed analysis of your marketing technology stack to identify disconnections and areas where manual input can be eliminated.
  • Tactical optimization of your CRM system (HubSpot, Salesforce, Marketo, etc.).
  • Strategic funnel optimization via nurture campaigns and targeted messaging.
  • Monitoring and optimization to ensure your marketing machine is functioning the way you need it to.
  • Full reporting on progress and activities to measure results.

The end result is marketing that's more efficient, more targeted, more measurable, and more cohesive with your sales efforts.

Work Toward Your Goals in a Way That Makes Sense.

Our intelligent marketing process offers three modes of engagement: projects, campaigns, and results-based retainers. Each begins with expert strategy, is planned and executed to your targets, and is delivered to create measurable results. Harness the marketing power your business needs with the mode that fits best.


Ideal for clients looking to complete a single, material objective.
Example: Website Development


Ideal for clients looking to attain a focused, strategic goal.
Example: Email Nurture Campaign

Results-Based Retainers

Ideal for clients looking for advanced strategy and continual growth.
Example: Lead Generation

How you’ll get results: top-tier strategies, tactics, and tools.

Top-tier tools

We’ve implemented innovative strategy for 20 years – enough time to build a killer technology toolbox. Here’s a sample of the tools we work with, but if you’ve got something not listed, ask. The odds are we’ve used it.

adobe marketing cloud

It All Comes Together To Get Results Clients Love.

We have been partnering with New North for a year and it has been a great experience.

Johan Hammerstrom
Community IT Innovators | CEO

New North is wonderfully unique in the marketing space. Their emphasis on data analysis is like nothing I have ever seen before. Every initiative, every metric, every campaign is measured, so you know exactly what efforts are leading you to opportunities. I always know what our goals are, what I need to do to do my part, what they are doing on their end and that accountability for me, is really helpful- marketing is the last thing I want to do, most days. 🙂 They are honest, open, direct, supportive, and always on it. Great experience.

Emily Bermes
Emily Bermes & Associates | CEO

New North has done a fantastic job in helping our company with various marketing projects and web upkeep. The communication we receive from the team is top notch and they are always willing to help us find solutions to our problems.

Alex Davies
Mellott Company | Content Specialist

We’ve been very happy with New North. They have expanded our web presence significantly and have increased our inbound sales leads. They are a core part of our Sales and Marketing strategy. We highly recommend them!

Will Fleming
Global Shared Services | CFA

The team at New North are incredibly nice and do a great job with all of our website work. We are more than happy with the maintenance they provide as well as the high quality changes they have made for us improving our website to where our customer interaction is leagues ahead of where it was before. The team lead Tobin is very responsive and has helped guide us to make sure we have what we want.

Daniel Schmidt
Atlanta Micro | RF Engineer

I’ve hired New North multiple times. Great firm and excellent results.

They have helped me not only execute but also to help me strategically position my company, products, to better meet customer needs.

Austin Meyermann
Hunter Crown, LLC | President

I credit our newsletter and social media campaign for keeping us visible and relevant in a very challenging economic time. I would recommend New North to anyone looking for someone to help them with their marketing. They will help you get and keep good customers!

Terri Ammerman
The Ammerman Experience | President

when it comes to leading-edge inbound marketing strategy and execution we turn to Tobin and his NewNorth team, who take digital marketing for lead generation and sales to a whole new level.

Tom Condant
Studio 105 | Marketing

I credit our newsletter and social media campaign for keeping us visible and relevant in a very challenging economic time.  I would recommend New North to anyone looking for someone to help them with their marketing.  They will help you get and keep good customers!

Terri Ammerman
Ammerman Experience | President

I highly endorse New North’s work, knowledge and experience.

Darren DeGioia
JDG Assocates | President

New North did an incredible job in creating our website. I’m constantly getting compliments on how professional it looks. I also have a number of people that when I meet them have already made the decision to use our firm. I use it constantly to show prospective clients about our firm. I can’t say enough about them. They are terrific!

Michael Watts
Bel-Air Construction | President

I’ve used the team at New North since their inception and I always recommend them to friends and colleagues. I’ve always found them to have superior service and competitive rates.

Don Hill
Straight Line Direct |

New North is creative and willing to take on any challenges we throw their way. Exactly the type of provider we like to partner with.

Patrick Hill
Ruppert Companies |

New North is not only thorough, but also easy to work with, and always willing to take the time to discuss concerns and respond to questions.

Don Moore
Vanquish Fencing |

New North has been an integral part of helping Southern States Cooperative develop both a loyalty program that delivers value to our customers, and email campaigns that drive sales and transactions. The team at New North is responsive, detailed, and also very creative in their approach to digital loyalty marketing.

Greg Bucko
Southern States |

When You Work With Us

We become the marketing team you’ve always needed.

Step 1:
The Foundation

This is where you level up. Here’s what happens over three-to-six-month periods as long-term strategy pays high-impact dividends.

Get a Dedicated Point of Contact.

No flip-flop. No B-team. You'll get the marketing firepower of an industry-leading team well-versed in your space. You'll have consistent, any-time access to your team leader.

Participate In the Kickoff Meeting.

We hold a team meeting (in person, if possible) to align objectives, get to know each other, and maximize the impact of your marketing. We’ll cover your audience and goals and chart the strategy to get there.

Step 2:
The Construction

You’ll see results build as we implement tactics and strategies from a solid foundation. Here’s what a normal month looks like.

We design the strategy.

We’ll align all marketing activity with your business goals, using real-time data and feedback to select the right mix of strategy and tactics to nail your objectives.

We provide detailed analytics for optimization.

We’ll provide in-depth analytics around your marketing campaigns, identifying trends within the data and ensuring that activities are being continually optimized for increasingly powerful results.

Step 3:
The Take-Off

This is the starting line. We’ll align our strategy to set you up for long-term, strategic growth. Here’s what happens the first month you start working with us.

We Optimize Your Quarterly Goals.

Working with you to hit business growth targets, our team will put forth strategic goals that keep long-term strategy in place and generate continually increasing ROI. This is where high-level strategy happens.

You See Maximized Results.

You’ll see an increasing rate of growth, with new leads and strong opportunities driving your business toward your goals. You’ll reach a powerful position in your market and rise above your competition.

Ready to Get Started?

Take the first step towards your marketing future.

Schedule a Short Meeting to Assess Fit.

The first step is to set up a quick phone call. No pressure to move forward - just a 15-30-minute phone call to talk through your growth goals.

See Our Work, Processes, and Case Studies.

Next, we'll visualize what your engagement could look like, offering examples of clients who have walked the same path.

Choose the Engagement Type, Budget, & Set Goals.

Select a project, campaign, or retainer to best meet your objectives. We begin to implement award-winning, lead-generating marketing strategy to propel your firm to the next level.